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I found this to be the dumbest ever, but 44 Million people loved it. WTF!

44 million people LOL

I don't really like it but who cares what I like. lol


So what are your thoughts on what you like and don't like that may be going on, on whatever is out there?

I think there is too much media influence trying to control people's thoughts.

Ha! FAKE NEWS! The most popular and thee most cursed, lol. Media really pissed of at Trump.


My thoughts are varied. Can't pinpoint my thoughts on everything except to say, "it's all good." Sooner or later it all works out. Love is over rated. Hate is too destructive. Complacency is comfortable. Live in peace and die in peace. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, but take care of number one.

Yes I can understand these thoughts of yours.

Where are those old farts at?


Thank god he wasn't a well hung anatomically correct manikin? Otherwise amazing animation.


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