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"An Apple A Day-Will Keep the Doctor Away"Yah I wondering about this for many years lol.

Apple seeds contain amygdalin which, when digested, releases the toxic chemical, cyanide. But it takes thoroughly chewing at least 165 apple seeds to kill a 50 kg person instantly. Lower doses can cause symptoms like dizziness, nausea, brain damage, and impotency. There's no risk in swallowing the seeds whole, and apple seed oil and apple juice, after removing the seeds, are harmless.

Music is your only friend-until the end. Jim Morrison.

One of my favs of Jim Morrisons songs

Great Song

I often wonder about the noises in the attic, whether they are from a supernatural or natural source.

Poor creatures trying to survive. 

I had a house sitter one time and the guy ran away because he claimed my doors were opening and closing on their own lol.

squirrels disco dancing maybe-lol.

Anything is possible nowadays, lol.

Cartoons creep me out in general / The way they move is gross.

Hmm, I can see what you’re talking about. Especially those animations from the old days, those were pretty creepy.


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