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Hello there, I see some fans for D. J. Conway books in this group
So I would like to share some of my experiences regardings her biggest best-seller: Dancing with Dragons

In her sixth Chapter, called ritual tools, she teaches to purify and prepare some materials for Dragon Magick, she basiclly uses the same instruments of many books of magick such as calices, swords, etc... The only thing I want to share is that the knife I purified with that instructions is still something I still very connected to, as if it was a part of me outside my body, when I touch it with a hand,I almost perceive it as part of my other hand.

The biggest part of her books is about calling different kinds of dragons, in which the most important invocation for me is calling of the Chaos dragons, which I felt that moved the more intense magical energy

Nevertheless I could never see a dragon with my physical eyes, even I could see a lot using the invocation in "entering the mouth of a dragon" in which you use mental or astral projection to see them

A friend of mine (webfriend from USA) Told me that with these invocations she could actually hear (with her physical ears, not mental or etheric perceptions) the dragons roaring like lions and making brrrr, brrrr like little kittens

Can someone share me more experiences regarding dragons and ways to contact them???
thank you so much

Thor Merlin

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Hello Again Dearest Elven Path!!!!!!!

Im an Usui and Karuna Level II, Checking my mails today (20 minutes ago), I found a Master who says I can make the Dragon Ki Attunement with that level, but I won´t be able to initiate other until I have my Usui Master Degree (that is easy to understand as the Usui Reiki is the original one),By the way, thanks so much for the PDFs I have already read them both, they have helped me to decide that definitively the Dragon Ki is something I have to do in my spiritual journey.

By the way, could you ask if the Dragon Reiki (TM)system was the first Dragon Reiki System ??
I found a webpage that claims that this could be the most important energy system of our time.
His founder is a man called Victor Glanckopf. His website at seems really promising, but I would like to know if you have some info available.

Highest Blessings
Your Friend
Thor Merlin
I do not know which of the Dragon-type Reiki systems was first. However, I believe I found a couple of things that may help you at least determine the difference - from

Crystal Dragon - Attunements and knowledge of the Crystal Dragons and that this knowledge and set of Spiritual Attunements should be passed onto as many people as possible to prepare us all for the hard times that are coming.

Dragon Empowerment - "This energy is for those that want to work with the dragons that help protect and heal the earth and people sick because of the pollution of the earth, air, and water of this great planet of ours."

Dragon Ki Reiki - On the spiritual path the Dragon energy symbolizes the power to fight against evil and the will to protect people. It’s the real energy of the Spiritual Warrior, a Warrior of Light who continuously fight evil and darkness, or those who brings darkness. Dragon Ki energy transforms the spirit at highest levels and brings protection against evil spirits. Dragon Ki brings physical and spiritual strength.

Dragon Reiki - Getting reconnected to our Elemental Forces again with the help from the Dragons.

DragonSoul - Dragonsoul is a mantra based Energy style with the energy of cosmic helpers as angels, dragons or ascended masters. (Info apparently in German at

Raku Kei (Fire Dragon) - The words Rei-Ki originate from the words Raku-Kei. It is thought to have been a forerunner of Reiki and incorporates the Fire element of breathing used to increase the energy of Reiki. Raku-Kei is the ancient science of Self-development and Self-improvement. It is believed that the origins of Raku-Kei come from Tibet. Raku Kei is also sometimes referred to as "The way of the Fire Dragon". Raku is the vertical flow of energy and Kei is the horizontal flow of energy in the body. Raku Kei Reiki explores, History of Raku Kei Reiki, The Sacred Secret of Reiki, Kidney Breathing, The Breath of the Fire Dragon, Raku Kei Symbols, Master Symbol, Raku Kei Kanji, Mudras, Antahkarana, Information and Meditation, The Seven Layer Auric Body System, Chart of the Seven Chakras, Initiation by way of HA-AHI-WAI - The Water Ceremony and The Raku Kei Affirmation. (see attached)

There may even be more systems, as many come to light every day! Also, I found this additionally on Dragon Ki Reiki:
"Dragon Ki works more with the Dragon energies through protection. Using the energies of this system, you can call up the Dragon energies from within to surround you with protection and help you have strength and courage to work through trials and heal. The energies of Dragon Ki focus more on the power and protection of Dragons than the Dragon Reiki system does."

Here is another interesting website I found, and it looks like the first attunement is available at no cost:

It appears someone here at PaganSpace might be able to help!

Here is another lady I found online who does these attunements (I haven't heard from the forum yet):

Well, I totally wish you the BEST of luck on this endeavor, Thor Merlin!

Hello Dear Elven Path

Just wanted to keep you posted.

I have checked the material on The Path of the Healing Dragon and the PDF that you sent me about Raku Kei. As far as I have read, they are very based on the yoga systems and the breathings that in Kundalini Yoga are called Fire and Cannon Breath, I still have read more about the advanced levels of The Path of the Healing Dragon.

In the case of Raku Kei, it seems interesting that their Kidneys techniques are very alike to the exercises given by Mantak Chia in his Chi Kung books, ( reason why it is actually getting more of my attention, lol) as Mantak Chia is an author that has put together martial with healing techniques so its interesting having similar elements in a Dragon Reiki system.

I´ll keep you and the ones who are so gently reading our conversation posted

Highest Blessings

Thor Merlin
;) Its nice to know that someone else knows about dragon "blood lines."
Msg me sometime.
Greetings Merlin~

Your name is in at least 2 different story epic poems I have written, and the Dragon of Cobalt Blue, Order and Chaos of Rune, is my spiritual guide that doubles as my writing inspirational muse.

My Dragon and I have metamorphosed in a sense; as MoonChild and DragonBlue have blended spiritual essence into one soul. I wrote a chapter book on Dragon Power, as I speak with my Dragon on a daily basis, especially this time of year. I also have two different stories of "The House of Many Colors" that attempts to interpret the dragonspeak, as it is not a direct translation because she speaks in circular terms and time. I must therefore put the 2 - 4 stanza's that are given to me in chronological order, in essence to linear terms/time so that others can know her message. I have had many visions of the Dragon of Cobalt Blue, and actually write under her name of DragonBlue in many writing circles on the internet.

I have been writing a story for the last 5 years titled "Blue Fire", which is a documentary of my visions, dreams and almost an autobiography as DragonBlue has shared my many days of despair as well my few moments of joy. This story is written as epic prose in rhyming verse and I currently have 50 chapters completed. However, I cannot obtain closure on this book until I have had closure in my life on some 'dangling conversations' so to speak.

My 'Dragon Magick', is very powerful as Sacred Bard and storyteller. If you would like to read some of these writings some time, let me know in a personal message and I will send you the link to read them at your leisure.

I was immediately drawn into your posting about Dragon Magick, as every day of my life is filled with DragonBlue's Magick. There you have it, there it is, and so it goes ...

Blessed Be~
AH, here is the thread hehe! I will post here for others to check out if they so wish. Sacred Texts has some good reading on Dragons available!
You are welcome! Continue reading the thread as you may find even more info hehe!

Hello Dear Dragonblue!

Of course I would like to read your writings!
In the meanwhile, maybe you would like to explain us a couple of things to the readers of this post:

How is an "order and chaos rune" dragon? How is he like? Is he black as the normal Chaos Dragons? Just curiosity

Can you tell us more about the fusion of essences between you and your dragon?

Now I will tell you a little bit about my history with dragons...just with one, actually. Many years ago during an astral journey, some masters whose names I can´t remember, gave me as a present and responsability a little baby dragon who lived with me during 4 years. This little dragon was at the same time a friend and an coworker in some very easy tasks (he was not an expert magician, cause he was given to me very young so he did not know of the high magick of the dragons). He was kinda "symbiotic" to me, we shared the energy, but souls never merged, it was just the energy we shared for some time. Problem was, when I suffered from depresion, he was suffering as much or even more than me, so I asked him to return to his home-town, we said goodbye and he returned to his home town and dimension. He has been one of my greatest friends ever and I know that I will see him again sometime, in the meantime we are growing separately.
(Note, even he was with me 4 years, I could never see him or hear him physically, just with the eyes and ears of my mind and heart)

This all happened before I ever read DJ Conway or anything alike, now Im studying about dragons and dimensions and such and I know my small friend must be studying too and he most be becoming an enourmous and powerful dragon.

Blessings and thanks for reading

Thor Merlin
Merry Meet Fellow Dragon Lovers!
My name is AzureBambooDragon. I have always been facinated by Dragons! Then I got the "calling" to be apart of these magickal creatures lives! I was astrally brought to a large cavern and introduced to my fellow "mage" dragon who was to accompany me and learn along with me! I have had many interesting situations happen to me since that day I was meditating!
i have done this a few times if y0ou have somewheres for a safe burn.. set you an area for a fire, and off around the fire place iron railroads ties (spikes) #1 spike at north #2 spike at east #3 spike at south and #4 spike at west lite your fire and welcome the dragons to your fire and look for signs of there presence
Dragons are spirit guides and even through invocation will only reveal themselves to people that either have or need dragon energy
Dragons are not very interested in being the center of curiousity
Powerful allies and impossible enemies


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