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What would you like to chat about etc?
I love my pendulum. :)
But are there any kinds of questions that one shouldn't ask a pendulum? I tend to ask mine everything. lol
I use mine for a starter in readings (followed by tarot or runes), aura readings, and in very simple (or on-the-go) yes or no questions. I can't help but to be drawn to I use them wherever I can, and ask them the questions I know they can answer.
My pendulums name is Ashley and I use her every Day she is nice to have around.
Just go to a place where they sell Pendulums if they all start shaking just pick the one yu want and ask it if yu are its new owner thats how yu will know.
I don't know, I'm still a skeptical person and I can't get over it. When I see the pendulum swing I know it's my hand moving it, but when I'm super caffeinated I become somewhat 'delirious' to the extent that when I look at dangling things they appear to move, or I point at things and they move in that direction. So what's the mechanism, brain power? Mind magic? I don't know.
That's how I feel too. :/
I just bought mine at a quantum clairvoyant 2/day seminar I was attending. I had never used one before so I was extremely amazed at how much energy I posessed when it started swirling around in a hugh circle, now I absolutely love it!
The use of pendulums is used extensively within the Huna belief system. Ashleen asks what the power is that moves a pendulum and according to Huna it is your "basic self." (Or "lower self" depending on who you are reading and/or talking about Huna to.) The "basic self" can also be defined as the sub-conscious in a more traditional psychological setting. Essentially, what you are doing by using the pendulum in Huna is by-passing your analytical (i.e. conscious self) in order to work in better co-operation with your basic self. And so, also according to Huna it is "you" moving the pendulum though be it your basic self.

Tony Grimms stated that he, "calls his pendulum Ashley," which is cool! In Huna you are trying to get better acquainted with your basic self in order for "it" to, in turn, get in touch with your higher self. (i.e. HGA ...etc.) Many folks that have found the Huna system beneficial also identify their basic selves by name. I have one for mine and once I asked "it" by a specific name the results were profound to say the least!!! Anyhow...I use my pendulums all the time and not just by asking "my(self)" yes and no questions. Additionally, you can make up all kinds of different charts and graphs to use with your pendulums. If anyone is interested in these types of charts or in Huna please check out, "Huna: A Beginners Guide," by Erid Hoffman. (It's great and her usage of pendulums is stellar!) Lastly, I am not affiliated in any way with Hoffman or her publisher!!!! I am just a fan of her work! (;o)
I believe the author is "Enid" Hoffman not "Erid"
or at least that's what Amazon is claiming.
thanks for sharing this great info on pendulums. is it good to make your own? i don't have one yet but i am very crafty and was going to try to make my own. has anyone here ever done this?

I think it is always better to make your own tools. This imbues with your personal energies from the git-go. However, I have bought several tools and after removing the energies of the person who made them and then recharging them they seem to work almost as well as my hand fashioned tools. All of my altar deities have been made by other artists but the deities are happy to reside in them.

So id you are the least bit crafty, i suggest making your own. If not, then purchase them and perform a cleansing ritual to make them suitable for ritual use.


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