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The Woman In Black on a scale of 1-10 with perfection at 10, I give the acting in this movie a 7. Daniel Radcliffe can step into a role and make it his own.  The supporting cast were pretty good. All actors were pretty good.  On the same scale, I would give the plot line a 6.  It is sort of an old-school ghost plot line and it is ok.  Barring spoilers, the house they portray is a good setting for a horror flick.

Don't waste your money on the show unless you really enjoy "Screamers" and/or "Jump-Out" films.  For example:

If you like that, you will enjoy the film.  Personally, after about the second or third "screamer / jump-out"  (Expect many!)   I was just plain annoyed. I listened to the chatter around me as I was leaving.  A few around me also voiced being annoyed by the technique.  No one should leave a movie annoyed with any theatrical device.

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Well, I watched the vid that you included and . . . .  (SCREAM, JUMP BACK). Bummer, I wasn't looking for a screamer movie. I read the book and it was more like a spooky ghost story with a little suspense, until the end, which was surprising. I am not so likely to go to the move now . . . hmm . . . thanks!

I took my daughter and her friends for her Birthday last night and it was ok, not as scary as I had hoped.
I would have rather waited to see in on DVD, but all and all it was worth it, my baby girl turned 12!!!

Looks Interesting, I'll have to check it out.


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