Wondering if anyone out there likes to eat wild "weeds" and what kind you eat? I began with picking and eating lambs quarters. It tastes almost the same as spinach, only healthier probably. When I try and grow spinach, it bolts when the weathr gets a little warm and then it no good. But lambs qtr grows well all season. I like to pan fry or saute it, or put it into any dish that calls for spinach. It has a pearlescent dut under the leaves that should be rinsed off before using, but that process has never bothered me.
I've also experimented with purslane (in salads), and young dandelion greens. What do you all like to imbibe?

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Well- in response to my own post - I'll tell you that at this time of year the baby dandelion shoots and stinging nettle shoots are just great for the system... High in wonderful things such as potassium and magnesium. They supplied all of our ancestors with just the nutrients they needed after a long hard winter, suffered without greens (fresh greens anyway).


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