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The heart of the group. the Corvid Shrine. Leave your offerings of
poetry and prayers (of praise and thanks that is) here. Did you paint a
picture, or make some sort of art? Leave it as an offering at the
alter. Did you do a ceremony or ritual to you totem, write it out and
leave it at the holy electronic alter of Corvid. :) If you have videos
or audio files to offer please leave a link, and keep it clean for all
ages (images of the dead are fine, it is Corvids area after all).
Thanks guys. As with in so with out and as above so below. So mote it

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Crow's Prayer

Sowing the seed,

My hand is one with the earth

Wanting the seed to grow,

My mind is one with the light

Having the crop,

My hands are one with the rain

Having cared for the plants,

My mind is one with the air

Hungry and Trusting,

My heart is one with the Earth;

Eating the fruit,

My body is one with the Earth;

When I rise up,

Let me rise up joyful like a bird; (a Crow)

When I fall,

Let me fall without regret like a leaf.

Glastonbury Crow Morris Dance Samhain 2009


I had to fall back into stealth...

I had to save me from my self...

For right of self,for right of rain...

I send away this world of pain...

For if you look into my eyes...

My enemies begin to writhe...

Writhe around this world of pain...

Maintaining course into the vane...

Letting go this Hatred healing...

Which direction i proclaim...

Screaming softly whats my name... ЯÅϋξЙđΔ®Ҝ ÇŁĄW..

Take what you learned,
keep it in a black feather,
under your coat,
and close to your hearts...

Our time here is short,
like the lives we all live,
for us all casting shadows and doubt...

Everlasting memories,
in the fields of subconsious,
are in rows like the farmers corn...

Beneath moonbeams,
our minds go drifting like dreams,
to be awakened to life at first dawn...

And so it goes the Raven,
when all is forsaken,
will come to the aid of you all...

So do take a feather,
in good or fowl weather,
and keep your head up when i call... ЯÅϋξЙđΔ®Ҝ ÇŁĄW...

Make it extra nasty if i please,

With bitter taste and broken knees ,

Like snaping branches breaking limbs,

Like driving rain in bending trees,

Broken glass and broken neck ,

To show them all their disrespect ,

I reach and out and grab them from a place they cannot see.... ЯÅϋξЙđΔ®Ҝ ÇŁĄW

On a certian moon,beneath the stars...
you can see her battle scars,

When frozen comets hit her face,
tossing sparks to outerspace,

A shimmering sea i see below,
spread out like diamonds to and fro,

Gazing on horizons glare,
reflecting off the water...

Below i see a deep blue sea,
tossing turning changing things,

Repitition making sounds,
the slapping of the waves...

The fish they school,
in wings of fin and scale of diffrent size,

And eyes that glow from deep below,
in everchanging tides,

Tiny ship is rocked by sea of endless possibility...

Tossing rocking far below,
the shimmering shining jewels,

A yellow star, not far from ours,
that heralds life,the water world,
third planet in this system,and saftley out of reach...

...hehehe...more to come

Flying Creatures Blessing

Today, look at the sky and observe. What kind of flying weather is it today? Consider all creatures that fly, and how they will deal with today's weather. Light some incense, and get out your favorite feather or air talisman, saying:

Let all who fly be safe and free. May my heart soar as my feet are firmly grounded on the earth. Blessed be the creatures of the air. I celebrate the skies and its creatures!

Wave your feather in the air, breathe deeply, and proclaim: "So mote it be." Wear something yellow today for the element of air, or something blue or gray for the sky. Focus on breathing as you go about your day, and be joyful for the ability to breathe.

By: Luci Sophia Zain

Crows song of life


Come Crow brother come

Sing me you're tale

Speak to me of mystries lost

I give respect to you and your brothers

I have seen the water faries dance

In peace we laughed and parted ways

The Eagles eyes have shown me sights

The Squirrels chatter in delight

My soul stretches and searchs for knowledge

The path grows dim then bright each day

The journey stops then starts again along the way

The night is burdened with lessons gained at startling cost

The battle is now the options two

To fight each day to see anew

Or bow in grace and leave this ground

To leave early is no help

For the next land has its own bumps

The lessons needed you do know

So come to me crow brother come

Show me your tale

Speak to me of mystries lost

I give respect to you and your brothers

Thank you for what you teach

I ask for the blessings of

Grandmother Heron, Grandfather Eagle

Mother Woodpecker, Father Crow

Sister Kildeer, Brother Towey

I come to you in peace and love

Thanks again in respect

Now I listen and begin to live


 Broken Crow


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