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    Here's a little spot to introduc yourself to the group and talk a little about your connection to the Corvus family.  Do you follow Raven, Rook, Crow, or maybe even Magpie?  They're all the same genus family and their all welcome here, as are you. Speak up and tells us about who you are and your bird.
Caw caw!

Corvidae is a cosmopolitan family of oscine passerine birds that contains the crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, treepies, choughs and nutcrackers.[1][2] The common English name used is corvids (more technically) or the crow family (more informally), and there are over 120 species. The genus Corvus, including the jackdaws, crows and ravens, makes up over a third of the entire family.

They are considered the most intelligent of the birds[3][4] having demonstrated self-awareness in mirror tests (European Magpies) and tool making ability (Crows, Rooks[5])—skills until recently regarded as solely the province of humans and a few other higher mammals. They are medium to large in size, with strong
feet and bills, rictal bristles and a single moult each year (most passerines moult twice).

Corvids are found worldwide except for the tip of South America and the polar ice caps.[6] The majority of the species are found in tropical South and Central America, southern Asia and Eurasia, with fewer than 10 species each in Africa, Australasia and North America. The genus Corvus has re-entered Australia in relatively recent geological prehistory, with five species and one subspecies there.

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Some of you might be thinking, why all this death? Why does she follow the lessons of horror and suffering? She seems like a nice girl, maybe it’s a trend?
Well let me explain myself a little bit. I think this will save me many e-mail back and forth.
As I said before I came from Ontario, but I originally came from a very small town, which has little room for diversity. I was picked on a lot as a child growing up and didn’t have many friends. The adults told their children I was weird and not to play with me. My teachers didn’t like me especially my alcoholic grade three teacher that use to hit kids with a ruler.
As I grew up I became more and more isolated. Eventually I spent five years in my room from 13 till 17.
When I was 14 a girl in high-school introduced me to Wicca. Our friendship ended shortly but I continued my research basically teaching myself Wicca 101 from various books and website. Any teenager can teach themselves the basic principles it’s not hard to learn. I lost interest in Wicca and soon found myself studying ceremonial Magick, particularly Modern Magick by Donald M McKraig. My go was to become a proficient magician by the time I was 18. Not an unrealistic goal being that I did not go out, or do anything much else than practice these teachings all the time. Mostly what I did rituals for other than to ward off offending peers, was to get the hell out of that town.
I did, by the time I was 17 I was kicked out of school for breaking down in class after being picked on. I was not allowed back. I was home schooled the rest of the year and the I moved to London Ontario where I lived in a girls residence and joined my first coven (Eclectic Pagan).
My dream of writing and directing horror movies kept me going. I decided I would take two years of broadcasting and in the specialized art course at this new school. So instead of paying for collage and doing the same course I stayed an extra year in high school and went straight to the Vancouver Film School.
I concentrated on my studies the year in film school but still maintaining my practices.
I was in an abusive relationship then which I ended that year in May, after four years. We stayed roommates, but my love could only endure so many injuries.
When I graduated I went to a local horror film festival were I met someone with similar goals as myself and decided it must have been fate. He moved in after four months and was working on a movie with me. I had attracted a producer to the project but despite having this support I ended up doing most of the work my significant other was suppose to be taking care of. My producer and I decided we needed to procure further funding, so we put the project on hold and decided to put together a package for the NFB. This is what I was doing all 2006.
Then on January 07 2007, my father (a medivac pilot) died in plane crash. I pulled the plug on the project indefinitely, and thus began my decent into suicide.
My Father was my best friend and when he died, so too did my backbone. I need him to get through his death. I told my significant other that I was planning to kill myself. He contended that he was my husband and should live for a future with him. He said we would put a down payment on a house, have children, and make movies together.
I went through with the memorial but my fathers body was such a mess that I could not get it out of my head. When I arrived home after the funeral my “husband”, took a fit that I was two minutes late for dinner and in the morning the police came to check out the disturbance from all night. That was the night I almost died, from being smothered to death, but I protected him because he was my only hope for a future now.
Two months later I was called home for a funeral for my Grandmother who was dying. I had no idea she had cancer, as she was only telling us now in the last week of her life.
My husband got mad again and punched a hole in the wall this time. We went back to the small town and it was then that I found myself leading my family through this time of grief and suffering. My Mother was hardly able to function after losing her husband and now her Mother. She had no Father, as he died of a heart attack when she was 18. She was an only child.
Everybody was hysterical, it was then that my life stood still, in the silence of that moment by my Grandmothers bed I found my call. I began to lead everyone in general prayer to a God source, and all fell quite and began listening to me. I told my Grandmother to shut her eyes and go to sleep (not many people die with their eyes open). She could not move her body but she heard me and did close her eyes. I then lead everyone in old hymns she use to sing to us, and she then died peacefully by our sides. That was the first time I heard the death rattle, and I found myself alone, but in the presence of a higher source. This was natural, and I, although in grief, knew this is where I belonged.
The next year I lost my closest companion, my dog Chomper who I had for 14 years. I struggled at home with grief and continued to decline in self-esteem. My significant other continued to emotionally, mentally, financially and physically abuse me. My whole life was controlled I was not allowed to do certain things, but I kept to my faith. Crow came to me in my pain and one day a small bird showed up on my door step.
Crows had made their nest in our apartment complex and their baby had come to me. I took the baby in and named it Eve. I fed Even and listened to soft music with her while she sat on my shoulder. We were very much at peace together and I felt she happy with me. She didn’t run away, and she was patient with me.
When my husband came home he was furious with me, and began berating my self-esteem, say “are you stupid, those birds outside have been attacking me,” etc. Yes this had been going on for months, but that was before this day, when Eve was in the nest. They always attacked him and not me. I’ve never been attacked before, even when I took their baby who fell to my door. They sat and watched me take her, not very common behavior for these creatures.
I was emotionally wounded, I took Eve to a better spot to grow up and her parents came out and followed us. They sat on the cloths lines as I set my little friend free. I watched her all evening from my window in the new field next door. I never saw her again after that.
The next January (in 2009) I received another call after coming home from the holidays with my family in Ontario: Uncle Earl had passed away on the iron lung. I knew he’d been on it for three years. All my life he had smoked like a chimney and as a little girl I cried in his arms for him to stop. Everyone told him it would kill him, and it did, in the a most nasty and slow struggle that lasted three years.
I hit rock bottom and because I was not allowed to drink, I turned to video games. I had not friends or family, and I certainly didn’t do drugs so all day I played since I took the month off to recuperate. Every time I put the controller down I would sob uncontrollably. My husband had with drawn his support and love. I was truly alone.
Then on March 25 he broke it off. I invited one of his friends over to help us work it out, but he was only on his side. My ex left for his sisters that night taking our dog with him.
The next day his friend took me to the hospital for suicide. I was dead set on death and was not going to change my mind. His friend told me if I didn’t go cooperatively he would call the police. I swallowed what dignity I had left and said I would go with him. I didn’t want to be dragged off kicking and screaming, I wanted to take a shower and pack my bags. I resolved that I would kill myself as soon as I got out.
My Mother flew over and moved all my things out. It is too my understanding the month she spent there he treated her poorly and ate all the food I paid for too. He took all my money and tried to take my last pay check. My Mom got into our account and stopped that, but he took my tax return and bout collectable toys with it and porn, he also took my inheritance money too.
I began rebuilding my life and found myself living in a neighborhood full of Crows.
I eventually moved out of there too not long after.
Now I live by a field of Crows (not on purpose either), and I practice the teachings and ways of Crow I have learned. I belong to two covens, and serve as Maiden to one of those. I have always worshiped Kali Ma, Hecate, and The Morrigan and they did come through in my dark night of the soul. I had not spoken to The Morrigan since I was sixteen. It was her and her sacred bird that came through first. Kali Ma chopped and chopped away my past, dancing in my blood for the better and good for me. Hecate prayed at my side and wept with me all night long as she has many nights since.
Although I have sat with death, and found how to die, it is only through death that I was brought back to life. It is only through death can one truly know life and the Crow.
sounds like youve been through quite a bit of dark times and bad luck...dont let yourself be fooled your best years have yet to come,there is no sense in looking back on things that will not change..
this is a very personal post and i feel for you having read it maybe i can cheer you up...
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Hi Garrett and ЯÅϋξЙđΔ®Ҝ ÇŁĄW.
Wow, Sorceress Slaying Crow O'Hagen: What a moving story you have. My deepest respect and great gladness that you're still here with us.

I'm Sue. I'm learning to be a deathwalker. I've just begun journeying and meeting with my spirit guide. When my dad died, I believe I walked him to the edge of this realm. But I don't remember anything about it. So I'm learning to consciously walk the other side.

I've been practicing magic for a little more than ten years. My first ritual got me my current job. I recently was called by Hecate but crows have been in my life for years. My red tail hawk totem left me recently, I believe because I've found the path I'm supposed to follow-- journeying to meet with my spirit guide. But crows are still sending me messages. I don't yet know what they're telling me.
Bright Blessings! One of my totem animals is Raven. I have always identified with the trickster. My Viking background has exposed me to Loki, who always has ravens around him. My middle name is Loki in fact.
I have always been drawn to Corvids, especially crows. Wherever I go, there is a murder nearby. My friend used to think I attracted them! How cool would that be?! Anyway, that's me. Any questions?
Crow Totem Pictures, Images and PhotosMerry Meet to All ... Im a shamaness woman from Siberia Land and Crow is one of my differents Animals totem ... Thankiyu Sista for yur invite here ...
Welcome, LAOTSEU. Good to see you here. I am at the beginning of a shamanic path.
My name is Ravenari, and my personal totem is the Australian Raven, or Corvus coronoidies; my familial totem (i.e. that of my father's side of the family) is the Common Raven.
Merry Meet and Greetings to All! I am Robert GrayStar. I am connected to Raven through Odin and Hekate and to the Crow through my Native American ancestry. Raven/Crow has been with me since I was very young. They've always been there, it just took me a while to understand. Once I did, well, I think most of you know. Lol!

Brightest of Blessings to you All and may Your Path rise to meet your feet,


Greetings. The Corvids are fascinating birds. I feel a relationship with Crows in particular, but have encountered Ravens too. I live in Seattle and we have many Crows here. I enjoy their activities and am delighted by the recent studies regarding how smart they are and how well they remember things and can puzzle things out.

My husband and I came up with a description for a small group of crows (as opposed to the large flock that is usually called a Murder). The smaller group is an "assault and battery of crows." ;-)

Another thing that has brought me to the Corvids is the old song "Twa Corbies"…

I have simply always felt a strong connection to Crows and I find them to be wise.  In an animal medicine reading, I was told that the Raven is a strong spiritual guide of mine relating mostly to its mysterious nature.  That is the way my spiritual name came about.   I am sorry it took me so long to join this group.  I am happy to be here.




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