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African and Diaspora Witchcraft


African and Diaspora Witchcraft

This is a discussion group for African and diaspora witchcraft, including but not limited to Voodoo, Kindoki, Brujeria, Hoodoo, Conjure, etc.  It is a place where you can ask questions, answer them, share information and interesting links, rant, rave, or give praise.  We are not overly uptight, and can handle real world issues.  All are welcome, so please be respectful of one another's differences.  You may advertise your services, but please keep it to a tasteful level.

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Started by Sheloya Oct 11, 2014. 0 Replies

Welcome to the group!  I hope that you will take a moment to introduce yourself.  Let us know a little about yourself and your practice, and what brought you here to the group.I'm Sheloya, and my…Continue

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Three Sticks of Incense: A Simply Elegant Eshu Ritual

Once you have established your relationship with Eshu, this is a good weekly ritual that you can do as an observance and prayer.  Other Gatekeeper deities such as Hecate may like this as well.  You should do this either on a Monday or a Friday, but not both.  It’s something…

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Phoenix Oil Recipe for Healing Heartbreak and PTSD

The pain of heartbreak and post traumatic stress can kill.  One can in fact die of a broken heart.  When someone has trouble making a better future because of trouble from the past, this oil can help with the healing process.  It’s like Tear spray for the heart. Phoenix Oil…

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Fast Money Oil Recipe

Fast Money oil is a money drawing oil for times when you need money quickly.  Some people overuse it, but it should be saved for emergency or semi-emergency situations.  You anoint the money that is in your wallet or purse, or a talisman that you keep there, and opportunities for…

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Comments are Working

Hello all!  I just fixed the comments feature.  I was wondering why there was so little feedback, and thought folks were just super quiet.  The problem was that there was a conflict with some of the anti-spam plugins.  It’s solved now though, so if you would like to comment on…

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Bat’s Blood Oil Recipe for Tormenting Enemies

Bat’s Blood Oil is used for causing your enemies to self destruct from fright and guilt.  It is one of the relatively safer ways that a layperson can curse someone without having to deal with aggressive spirits themselves.  The way it works is to make the target extremely attractive to…

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