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Let us take a Journey using the Wicca Sabbats to help you understand the life passages of the God and Goddess.

I know that over the years I have encountered many people telling me they just do not understand the pagan concept of how the God and Goddess story works so I am in hopes this helps those answer this question they may have.

The Goddess never dies.. She is the mother, Playmate,Lover , Wife of the God

The God is Born as a child to the Goddess, turns into the playmate of the Goddess, than her lover than her husband, than he dies to be reborn at Yule.

Let us start at Yule ( winter solstice) The Goddess gives birth to a bouncey baby sun god from this longest night on the calendar the sun will get brighter less night darkness, longer day light hours. This is gift time, this is reindeer, yule logs, yule stockings filled with gifts, food,yule music, colored lights everywhere to represent the stars. the yule tree.. pine trees have long been used for the yule tree because in the winter they are the only trees that are green. so to bring some greenery into the house fir and pine have been used. ( i think it is a norse root for this tradition).

Imbolc (candle mass) around the 2nd of February candles are lit to encourage the sun to shine brighter. The Infant God nurses at his Goddess Mother's breasts. This is a milk time. The earth is warming from the infant sun.

Ostara ( spring equinox) around the 20th of March. The God is now a young boy. the Goddess takes on being his playmate or girl child. They ride bikes together, they frolick the fields and start the seeds and awaken the plants and trees to bud and bloom. The Ostara Egg is the sign that the Goddess has started her mooning time (menstruation)

Beltain ( May eve april 30-may 1) They are not children anymore they are young adults. They have entered puberity, they are ready to start a family of their own. Beltain eve is the highest sacred sex night for Pagans by tradition. It was a time couples have sex in the fields to encourage and fertilize the up coming crops. This is the Maypole dance during May first. (Some say The Goddess gets pregnant this night). This is also the time that the Tuatha De Dannon arrived on the island of Ireland.

Litha ( mid-summer/ summer solstice) is the wedding of the god and goddess. all the ground fruit and vegetables are ready for harvest for the wedding feast . the hot days and cool nights.
( on average June is the highest percentage of when couples get married/Handfasted)

Lammas the first of august. The field are turning golden, the corn is ready .The God finds out he is dieing. He starts to prepare and gets his house in order. all legal matters to take care of. preparing for his funeral. and making sure his wife and unborn child is taken care of and make it through the winter safely. This is the First Harvest. the Goddess's first trimester of being pregnant

Mabon ( autumn euqinox) the apples are in, the fields are ready to harvest. The God's time here with us is almost ended. he hurries to make home repairs, prepare for live stock and feed for them, grains for his wife, making furniture for his child to be. Weatherization for his home for winter. Making sure his will is made out. This is the second Harvest. The Goddess is in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Samhain ( october 31 at dusk till dusk november 1)
Now this is the Last Harvest . It is a sad time the God will die by morning leaving his wife and unborn child. This is the time when the veil between the world of the living and those whom have passed is very thin to welcome the god home on his passing over.
This is a night to celebrate not his passing but his life. a night to place a candle in your window to welcome those whom have passed and loved you to come visit you. This is the night for doing divinations, Samhain Means November in the celtic gaelic language. this is the last harvest .

Yule ( winter solstice) the Sun God is reborn to the Goddess he is reincarnated to us through the Goddess and the wheel of the year starts all over again.

I am in hopes this answered your question on the life cycle of the God and Goddess.

By Recherche O'Ceallaigh ( shay)

if you have any questions please email

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Shay- I agree..what is so hard to understand, I guess some people just need it spelled out and thouroughly explained, as you have done here, awsome job shay!


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