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Alternative Northern Paths

Welcome, this is a place to discuss all aspects of Norse, Germanic, Slavic or other northern faiths and practices, including Seid, Shamanism, or any other practice.

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Latest Activity: Jan 30's premier Northern Tradition Pagan / Shaman / Mystic / Occult group is dedicated to any who wish to learn about more than the common Norse / Germanic / Saxon Heathen information. We accept all who come with open minds and curiosity.

We wish to embody the essence of Hospitality and welcome those from all ways.

Wesaþ Ge Hale,
Your Humble Hosts: Kane (American/ Iron Woods Wizard) and Lykathea (Eclectic Odian Occultist)

What is the Northern Tradition?

I like to think that it is not a reconstruction, but a continuance of the practices of the Nordic, Celtic, Pictish, Scottish, Germanic, Slavic, Ainu and other Northern Arctic and sub arctic faiths and practices. Reconstruction is a part, but only so that we may know where to continue and forge ahead with the development of our religions. We choose to listen to the gods more and listen less from what books and history say. We do not hold biases from the literature of the past as it is nearly impossible to know if there was historical tampering or trespasses made by christian colonization of those lands. First hand knowledge is trusted more, and what is spoken by those who never stopped is always worth more than the second hand accounts.

Some Links of Interest: (Note: we do not agree with everything presented on these sites. They are merely a resource.)

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Geferræden Fyrnsidu
Hex Magazine - For the Heathen Household
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Daven's Journal (Seax Wica)
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(list edited 12/17/2011 to clean up dead links and some that are no longer agreed with at all)

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Comment by on September 21, 2010 at 6:58pm
I have posted some exercises for absorbing the Elements from a Teutonic perspective on my blog. Enjoy!
Comment by Calhanthirs Bre'gea on April 15, 2010 at 2:20am
Why I am here:
Being a NAED (Native American of European Decent) I have been informed that my lineage comes from Germany. but I know so little about the beliefs/myths/practices of the Germanic/Teutonic people. And what little I do know comes from sources that are dubious or confusing at best. (in short, --when I get up the nerve--, expect a lot of painfully stupid questions from me.)
Comment by Moonwaters on April 5, 2010 at 6:47pm
I am studying Norse mythology and am trying to find a good source for a pronunciation key. Any suggestions? I find it difficult to read words that I cannot pronounce correctly. Any help will be deeply appreciated.
Comment by Uni on March 10, 2010 at 3:05pm
Scandinavian Song To The Goddess Of Spring

In fall Freya left us
traveling southward.
Now she returns again,
bringing soft words.
Out of her golden hair
spring flowers fall
tumbling like melodies,
sounding the call.
Chaste through the winter
women now pine,
wanting their lovers home
sharing the wine.
~Scandinavian Song To The Goddess Of Spring

In northern lands, the spring Goddess was embodied by the sun. During the winter, she retreated southward, so that by midwinter she rose only briefly each day, setting hastily and leaving the lands in cold and dark. But as spring approaches, she stays longer and longer each day, shedding warmth on her people. As the equinox nears, bringing balance between light and dark, the sun brings back growth and seasonal change.

The ancient Scandinavians recognized that the human reaction to increasing daylight was return of interest in connecting with others - through lust as well as through love. They acknowledged, as did many other people, the way the sap rises in our bodies as well as in the trees and plants around us. Celebrating the fruitfulness of our womanly bodies is a way to celebrate the Goddess. And at no time is her energy stronger than in early spring.
Comment by Liath Cogar on March 10, 2010 at 2:09pm
rather refreshing to see differences like that
Comment by Uni on March 10, 2010 at 2:01pm
I agree the Nordic just have to be different. :O)
Comment by Liath Cogar on March 10, 2010 at 1:57pm
interesting, even more interesting that Sun is represented by the daughter since most of the time the sun is thought of as more masculine and the moon more feminine in many other creation myths.
Comment by Uni on March 10, 2010 at 1:41pm
Here is one aspect of the creation story:
‘The Deluding Of Gylfi’, and from the poetic Edda ‘The Seeress’s Prophesy’ and ‘Grimnir‘s Sayings‘. To anyone who wishes to delve further into Heathenry then these are prime readings. You can only gain so much from reading what someone else has written about what is contained in the Eddas. It is much better to go to the original source and form your own opinion of it.
At the very beginning was Ginnungagap a formless void of nothingness. Niflheim to the north of it and Muspell to the south.
There was a great well in Niflheim from which flowed many rivers. As they neared Ginnungagap they began to freeze and harden into rime and ice
One layer formed on another till all of the Northern part of Ginnungagap was full of ice and mist and drizzle.
To the South was Muspell, a land of Heat and Light. No creature not of Muspell can bear to live there. The guardian of Muspell is called Surt, he has a flaming sword and will come at Ragnarok to fight against the Gods.
Just as the northern part of Ginnungagap became cold, the southern part became warm. In the centre it was mild and windless. Where the warm air met the cold frost it thawed and life appeared in the drops formed.
The drops grew together into the likeness of a great man, and he was called Ymir, and from him all the frost ogres originate.
As Ymir slept there grew from his left armpit a man and a woman. Also his legs begat a son who was a Frost Giant.
As the Ice thawed more it turned into a great Cow called Audhumla. She lived by licking the salty Ice blocks. Four rivers of milk flowed from her Udders; from this milk Ymir drank.
As she licked there appeared a mans hair, and then a man’s back and on the third day of licking a whole man was there. He had a son called Bor, who had three sons called Odin, Vili and Ve.
Odin and his brothers kill Ymir and create the land from his body the mountains from his bones and the sea from his blood. The out flowing of blood was so great that it drowned all the Frost ogres except for two who escaped. Then the sons of Bor took Ymir’s skull and made the sky with it. The sky is held up by four dwarves called north south east and West, and the sun was created using sparks from Muspell. With Ymir’s brains they created clouds and from his eyebrows they created a stronghold and called it Midguard.
The first man was created from an Ash tree and his name was Ask, the first woman was made from an Elm tree and her name was Embla. Odin gave them spirit and life, Vili gave them understanding, and the power of movement and Ve gave them form, speech, hearing and sight.
Odin took a wife: Frigg daughter of Fjorgvin, and from them came all the family that inhabits Asgard, which are called Aesir. For this reason Odin is known as the Allfather.
Odin next caused the ordering of Day and Night, and set two chariots to circle the earth every 24 hours, he also set two wolves to chase them.
High one replied:’ There was a man called Mundilfari who had two children. They were so fair and beautiful that he called one of them Moon and the other, a daughter, Sun…. The Gods, however were angered at his arrogance and took the brother and sister and put them up in the sky. They made Sun drive the horses which drew the chariot of the sun that the Gods had made to light the world from a spark which flew from Muspell. The horses are called Arvak and Alsvithr (Early-waker and All-strong). Under the shoulder blades of the horses the Gods put two bellows to cool them, and in some poems that is called iron-cold. Moon governs the journeying of the moon and decides the time of its waxing and waning…….
Comment by Liath Cogar on March 10, 2010 at 1:00pm
Yes such descriptions of the beginning are strange to me as well. Many cultures have very strange tales of the beginning time and how man came to be. Much of it seems very far fetched, but then the rest of it seems to speak more to the self. I have noticed the oddity of origin myths and how far fetched they seem. I cannot say if any of them are true or not because I wasn't around in the beginning times. Not as I am right now anyway.
Comment by Uni on March 10, 2010 at 11:17am
I have so many Nordic books like "Rites of Odin" by Ed Fitch, "Northern Mysteries & Magic" by Freya Aswynn, "Myths of the Norsemen" by H.A. Guerber, "Teutonic Religion" & "Teutonic Magic" by Kveldulf Gundarsson, to name a few. As for the March 9th being Oliver the Martyr day, I have not heard that but the 9th of every months is celebrated as a special day in the Nordic path.

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