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Is it possible to have more than one animal guide...i am an animal lover but there are 5 animals that i feel a connection too? how do you differentiate which one is the animal guide...and what are the others?

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Thank you that is very very helpful!
Absolutely, just have we can have many spirit guides. Each animal brings something different to the table. More can also come in, as spirit guides can, for brief periods of time to help us with things going on at that point in our lives. Pay attention even to animals that come into your life, like having an animal that suddenly seems to be everywhere, when usually they weren't, then look up that animal and see what that animal stands for. Make sure to even look up their habbits, what they feed on, etc.
I recommend picking up a good book or researching animal guide meanings and see what you come up with, and what they are there to help you with.
I hope that helped.
That is so cool! Do you suggest a particular book?
my favorite is Ted Andrews "Animal Speak", it has a ton of info.
I have read shaman traditions that say we have 9 at one time. One is our primary that stays with us birth to death. The others are generally temporary only during times when we need them. This makes sense to me based on what I have seen. That's not to say that the other 8 won't stay a long time but they are not your primary. This is just one belief system I have found and it feels right to me.
Interesting! I like that idea alot!
Yes it is possible to have more than one animal guide infact I have a very long list but I do have one main one a red tailed hawk. As far as I know each one will show up when neeeded just communicate how ever you need to.
Many Blessings
I agree with the others. We have one main totem that is with us for life but we also have many others that come and go as needed. I also agree on the choice of book. Anything by Ted Andrews is superior.

Animal Spirit Guides......For me they are.......Wolf ......Eagle......Deer.....Bear


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