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trying to learn how to communicate with lucifer to find knowledge and truth...any suggestions?

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thats it? i have tried numerous times but nothing happens? he is good? trying to get rid of my xtian thinking, wanna learn

from what i know lucifer is latin it means lightbearer...some cultures he is a God others he is/is not an angel he is also represented by Venus...lucifer represents enlightenment, knowledge and spirituality which is different from satan who is negativity and destruction bent, i think lucifer has gotten a bad rep personally but thats my i on the right track? any pointers?

dont wanna sound dumb but who would the messangers be? and how do i contact them? as well as venus? please ,this is good knowledge for me and i thank you

reincarnated? they are differnt now? sorry im fascinated lol   michael the archangel too is he same as lucifer or just a protecter?

please tell me more? and how to contact these gods and lucifer?

i mean no offense but it seems you talk as if something or someone is talking through the gods are answering my questions?

you have a direct link to Venus, being you work for her? are there gods in north america? who is 111? norse Gods still around? share with me your knowledge!! can i ask venus questions through you and she answer me through you?

fiona and psyche? how do i talk to venus or odin any of the gods? will they talk to me?

may i ask if they go by another name? fiona and psyche? that way i can find them and know  they are the right people?  are we chosen by the gods Jeffery? will they care i live in north america?

how do i know who i am descendent of?

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. Indian (Panjab): Hindu (Khatri) and Sikh name, probably from Sanskrit bahala ‘strong’, based on the name of a clan in the Khatri community.
  2. North German: from the Germanic personal name Baldo, a short form of the various compound names with the first element bald ‘bold’.
  3. Eastern German: from Bahl, a Sorbian form of the personal name Valentinus (see Valentine).

Read more on FamilyEducation:  pretty much all i got so far  mostly germanic and some clan in india

I am completely confused?  Hey my name means Messenger  does that mean I am reincarnated  from a God ?


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