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Greetings, there is a lot of Satanists looking for a place to belong. I welcome any type of Satanist whether you're Theistic like me or LaVeyan or whatever your Satanic views are. The first hand full of people wonder "there isn't much people who are Satanic, is this really a good place?" Well I understand how being the first bunch to join may seem to be with a network with not many in it, If I could snap my fingers and have thousands of Satanists join I would do it, but everything must be done with patience. I know I'll enjoy meeting all of you!..

I am the High Priest and founder of The Theistic Church of Satan, I really enjoy being a Satanist and would not change it for the world. I truly believe that a relationship with Satan such as the one a Satanist shares is the most amazing experience imaginable, it is true and strong, as we view Satan for our own experience and not what some god that doesn't even talk to us but through a book says is what Satan is.

To join The Theistic Church of Satan™ there is 2 things you must do, send an e-mail to stating your name, age, and stating that the e-mail is for a Church registration, after that click "Register" located on the sidebar on the right side of the screen and create an account. The Theistic Church of Satan™ is open to Satanists of any age, I do not believe in only giving the opportunity like this just to Satanists of a certain age. After you complete your profile you are officially a Church member. We do not currently have a physical church right now but I can assure you I plan on making one, however we have the online church chatroom, Yahoo group and myspace group.

HOWEVER, I am pointing out this church does NOT and will NOT accept any illegal activity, any members that are found to have been involved in illegal activity will be banned from this church, consider yourself warned!.

What is Theistic Satanism?.

Theistic or "Traditional" Satanism is the true way to worship Satan, Theistic Satanists are sometimes discusseded on what Anton LaVey turned it into. The very meaning of "Satanism" is the worship/religion of Lord Satan, But modern day Satanists claim "we do NOT worship the devil" but last time I checked Satan is the devil, it makes no sense to be a Satanist if you don't worship Satan as your god. LaVeyan or "modern" Satanism worships Satan as a force that lives within them, Satanism was never ment to be followed that way, a true and real Satanist worships Satan as a deity the true God, not as some energetic force.

Although things like:

We don't kidnap unbaptized babies!.

We don't abuse or use drugs!.

We don't use virgin Christian girls as an Altar then rape them after the mass!.

We would rarely perform a Human Sacrifice, and when one is performed no human is strapped to a table or anything in that matter. The one Sacrificed has performed evil and is an enemy to the Satanists and Satan, so a curse or "Hex" is placed upon the soul of the sacrifice damning it from reaching it's place of paradise. It is always unknown when the person will die after the curse is placed.

Rev. Damian Forcas
Rev. Prince Beelzebub Prince Of Darkness

Join our church The Theistic Church of Satan!.

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