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hi freinds of the travleing sort.

i am into crystals and minerals and have found a few that promote astral travel and was wandering if any here has used them to kick start the prosses.

heres what i found so far.
(can stimulate astral travel).provides a softness to one natuer acts to purify emotions and h)elps with pneumnia

Angelite (Metaphisacal)

is a symbol of commication of love and light to the world.
balancing of the body and eathrtic network.
provides a protective field around the area that it is placed.(used as elixor it provides a shield around the physical body.) Odd note here as sprayed on in elixor form it is said to keep insect at bay.
Angelite is both a sender and receiver stone in telepathic freaqancies.helps to communicate with ones spirit totum

Angelite helps with astral travel allowing for the experance of flight to be second nature.
promotes astrological and mathmatics understanding and comperhension
Angelite repersents brotherhood.within and without the galctic configueration. this stone also raises conscious awaerness.
Angelite helps dispell anger and renews connectiveness with universal knowladge.
may open pathways to energy tranfer it accelerates physical healing Angelite provides a linking of the network between psychic and the eathric field.

i hope this lil bit of info may help out that is why we are her eto help eachother out. with this experance

have a blessed jouney and may peace be with you.

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thanks,ill prboally do as you sugested
my one friend gave me a white0ish crystal..and this morning i decided to se if it would do anything for me..more than likely actually did

and it rather felt like the very first few times i projected.which was in that sleepy stupor that you ccant hardly restrain from..whih sometimes i restrain from fear :[

There are quite a few actually. You only named a couple. Moldavite is wonderful for those that find it difficult to astral. Also, a good protection stone is Tourmalinated Quartz. Just to name two. And there are more............
There are quite a few actually. One of my favorites is Moldavite. Not only does it help to astral travel while your asleep. It also helps to Bi-locate. Whereas, you are awake while astral. Other stones that work very well are Charoite, Azeztulite, Phenakite, Aquamarine, Smokey Quartz, Tibetan Tektites, and Meteorites. Also I sometimes used to sleep with a sphere of clear quartz. While in the astral you visualize yourself within the sphere. It's better than any damn cast circle, bar none. See y'all out there......

Blessed Be



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