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if you really did that, you have done something 99.9 percent of everyone cannot do, that is amazing!

Merry Meet!

I am Starshine, a 40 year young pagan truck driving woman. My path is a hodgpodge of influences, from shamanism, to Appalachain Granny Majick.
There doesn't seem to ever be enough time to study all that I want to, but I do what I can , when I can. I am currently reading about quantum touch healing, and loving this book!
I have acheived astral projection a few times, and have even encountered what I call a "trickster spirit", which I will post about later...
I love to chat and share experiences, so feel free to send me a message!

Never Thirst!

Greetings All,
My name is Egyptian Tigerlady aka Beth, I have been practicing for about 2yrs now.I am of the Egyptian Path..but I am open to most anything..I love to learn and hear others views..
I have astral a few times...took incredable concentration the first 5 times and didnt succeed....the first time I did, It was only for a few seconds....I have astraled a few times to my soulmate and that was fairly easy, I just tend to pick up his emotions when I do. I have been told by my coven sister that I do so in my sleep...but its not controlled and I dont even remember it.
According to her I showed up in her bedroom....tapped her shoulder then her hip...passed gas, laughed and left.....I dont remember anything lol
I also know I astral to my soulmate..but again I dont remember it when I wake.
I would love to learn how to remember them and to control it...
Wishing all ofyou a blessed day
Merry meet, my name is Hananiah or Hannah as some care to call me, some call me Catherine as this was a name i carried in a pastlife :) i am not new to paganism...i started when i was in highschool and just before that ...seems paganism came to me...I am 25 years of age and have been given a goddess given gift...I am deaf/hard of hearing and blind in one third eye is really open and i can see my hand when i move it in front of my third eye...
mm all
im Nie, 26 irish, new 2 the craft so im still finding my path.i do candle magick tarot and learning spell work at the mo.i got 2 wonderful girls whos are my life.i have premantions and im an empath witch sux sumtimes lol.i can astro in dreams but still learnin 2 control it.not shy about learnin everyting as im very nosey lol so all knowledge welcome. if u have time stop by my site every1s welcome.

hope too get to know u all better.


Merry We Meet, friends. I am one who follows this advice "Follow them who seek truth, run from them who say ' MY TRUTH, IS THE ONLY TRUTH'- - - ". I have T.H.b (Bachelor of Theology) & a D.D. (Doctor of Divinity) degrees. But as I've have traveled, I've come to believe that, for me, their should be more than ONE GOD.The men and women I meet are resonable faxsimiles of The Goddess and God, and that My Gods came together, and out of Her Womb, all things came to be. Hence and defacto (imho) we are all "WOMBMATES"! But, that's just me :-). I also follow this advice " Love is not a sin, ONLY THE LACK OF IT!" I love you all in The Goddess & God, and hope together, we can grow in Their knowledge and each others learnings. My wife & I have our seperate spiritual gifts. I work with weather & other realms of magick. She is an Human/Animal communicator and speaks with human and animal spirits.She also reads Tarot and does healing energy work. Ya know, the problem with brooms is, they just dont have a whole lotta room for lugage, so ya gotta travel lite! May The Gods of 3 (Maiden,Mother,Crone. Youth,Warrior,Sage) bless thee. I remain, your faithful friend, Rev Dr D.J.Hunter
who am i? I am a 27 year old pagan. My real name is Mark. I have always felt that there was more to this world then meets the eye but never knew quite what it was. Never felt comfortable with christianity (i was raised christian) and didn' t find the answers i was looking for. Then i met a girlfriend who was a wiccan and so i met witchcraft and it instantly felt like i was home. Witchcraft (not so much wicca) gave me the answers i was looking for but. I also took bits and pieces from other pagan like religions and so i became the eclectic witch i am today with my beliefs taken from different forms of paganism.

Astral projection is something that intrigues me and i have experienced several times so i like to read about it and share experiences with others. That' s why i joined this group.
I am 37 years of age, born to and within a strict catholic family only to questions where I felt I really belonged at a young age. Never really "getting" the whole of modern religion and found my way to paganism.. I have always been drawn to the craft, wicca and paganism as a whole for as long as I can remember. It was always to my understanding that on my grandfathers side, the women carried with them age old "secrets" only passed onto the eldest female child of each family.. Since I was born an only child, that rite was somewhat passed onto me. tho I never got to learn the older secrets. It wasnt until I was teens that I walked toward the calling I had always heard and even then, never fully leaned toward it until my early 30's. I have always considered myself pagan, a witch even or in more modern terms a wiccan. I have had my fair share of paranormal encounters, and have always just had that way about me.. wishful thoughts always fulfill themselves for me. I am in tune to the earth and tree's very well.. and often try to teach my children that if they quite up enough and just listen, they will hear what the wind speaks, the tree's whisper and the earth cries out about.
'ello meine Freunde!
(now, hopefully, the grammar/syntax is right)

I'm Steven, 18 years old. I've been studying the occult and paganism off and on since I was 12, but I never got too deeply into it until now (ironically enough, when my current gf entered my life). My path is still being revealed to me, and I've got a lot of research ahead of me before I find a path that I think fits me. Until I can find a less generalized label, just consider me an occultist for the time being.

Astral projection has been a sore spot for me. Out of the many times I've tried, I've only been able to reach the vibrational state twice, and neither time was I able to go beyond that; I seek to fix that issue.
I am 41 years old, born exactly 50 years after JFK on May 29, 1967 in Chicopee, Massechusetts. My older brother was born exactly to years after he was assassinated. Suffice it to say my life started out in a pattern and it has been enough to awakenn me to the fact that a Master walks with me. I am an old soul and have had numerous experiences in transcendental meditation and in psychic practices. I sought out a mentor when I went through a psychic and spiritual awakening when I turned 27 and initiated into wicca as a solitary practicioner, but I am very eclectic and take the approach of a metaphysician.
Hey there,
I'm Julia Zay, author of Ecstasia : A Practical Introduction to Transcendental Music and Dance. It probably goes without saying at this point that I'm a trance master. I work with rhythmic hypnosis to either descend myself or put other people under. I specialize in Mediterranean trance practices and I've been actively working on the Mysterion Project since 2002 to reconstruct the Mystery Religions of the Roman Empire. I guess you could say that I work with the folklore of astral projection, the granddaddy of the practice. I also run the Ecstasia group which deals with astral projection as one aspect of a bigger field. ( )

I like reading books in a hot bath. I suffer from a debilitating sushi addiction. Hot cocoa is my aqua vitae.

Who am I? Well I am 40 pagan, who was born into a famliy of psychics and witches. I have been astrally traveling since I can remember, but as a child I had no idea what it was. I just called it traveling and I did it alot, especially at night. I have travel thru this realm and many others (upper and lower realms). I love to mediatate, it keeps me sane and grounded. And I just want to connect with others that travel And talk about their experience.


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