This Discussion is for those interested in the different types of

charts that arise in 7 basic patterns. I have referred to

"bunching" on several different Lunations recently as We head

towards 2012. I have included a Sample Chart from the upcoming

Eclipse. I do a Chart for every Lunation including 66 Asteroids

and the 8 Trans~Neptunian Points. If you have your chart

handy, you can compare it to the types......... I hope you enjoy

exploring this........


Example Chart ~ Lunar Eclipse, June 15, 2011

at 24* Gemini / Sagittarius


Lunar Eclipse, June 15, 2011 at 24* Sag 



The overall pattern of a chart suggests certain behavior types. Research by Marc Edmund Jones led to the discovery of seven distinct patterns: 



The first pattern is called the Bundle ; produced when all the planets are grouped together in the confines of a trine or less. This is the rarest pattern and suggests a specialized or limited range of interests as well as the ability to focus within that range. Stimuli from outside this range may not produce a response or there may be inhibitions. The Bundle precludes an opportunity to become self-reliant and to capitalize upon limited resources. President George W. Bush and Gary Busey are two among the Bundle group. Can't be any Oppositions here........... 


GDubyaB.gif (13635 bytes)


When the planets occupy half the chart, leaving the other half empty, the Bowl pattern is produced. This pattern establishes a self-contained individual with great inner strength, who may feel cut off from a whole sector of experience. The underlying compulsion is to initiate projects for the betterment of all if the lower half of the chart is emphasized with planets, or to consummate such projects if the upper half is emphasized. The planet leading the others in a clockwise direction may be revealing by its house position. Donald Trump and Jimi Hendrix are examples of the Bowl pattern. Again ~ No Oppositions....... 


 dontrump.gif (13348 bytes)      Hendrix2.gif (13405 bytes)


Where the planets form a Bowl with the exception of one or a pair together on the opposite side of the chart, the Bucket is produced. The lone planet(s) shows a special capacity that brings a compelling orientation to the whole life. Achieving objectives is important to the psychological well-being. In this case, the individual becomes a source of inspiration or an agitator, depending on the development of the overall potential. Bill Gates, Calista Flockhart and John Lennon have charts of the Bucket type. Often, the Bucket type will have a Tee-Square; three or more planets involved in 90 degree angle aspects to form a T in the chart. Such stress is often behind great productivity. In the chart of Bill Gates, Chiron is a factor in the Bucket pattern. I use 90* Dial so I see lots of

T interactions.....


Gates2.gif (13302 bytes)      calista.gif (13671 bytes)


With the See Saw pattern in which planets are grouped to form oppositions in a narrow range, two completely opposing types of experiences are calling and the individual feels just as compelled toward one as to the other. This creates such an awareness of conflict that a choice must be made to either find a happy medium or to wrestle continuously with opposing urges. The points of conflict will be found in the opposing houses and signs. Planets exactly opposite one another show extreme conflict and the individual may become caught up in an energy-consuming struggle. The entire ability to relate may be dependant on stimulation from the areas of conflict and the mind jumps automatically to these issues. Edward Kennedy has a horoscope that illustrates the See-Saw pattern. A true See Saw is uncommon...........


EdKenedy.gif (13644 bytes)


The Locomotive pattern is found when the planets are spread out to occupy two thirds of the chart, leaving one third empty. This indicates a compulsion to seek fulfillment, which is based on the feeling that something is missing. These individuals apply drive and are energetic in handling problems. The planet acting as the engine; leading the rest in a clockwise direction, may be revealing. The Locomotive suggests self-seeking tendencies as well as executive ability. Nicholas Cage and JFK Jr. are examples of the Locomotive pattern. 


nickcage.gif (29575 bytes)     jfkjr.gif (13320 bytes)


If the planets are splashed all over the chart and fairly evenly distributed throughout the houses, the Splash pattern occurs. This suggests that there is such a diversity of stimuli that one will either scatter energies indiscriminately, making it difficult to accomplish one main goal, or be forced into becoming extraordinarily organized. George Harrison's chart conforms to the Splash type. I have referred to this as well fanned out........... 


harrison.gif (13656 bytes) 


The Splay pattern results if the planets do not fit into any of the foregoing categories. This pattern type generally shows three points of emphasis and is sometimes found to contain a Grand Trine. It distinguishes one with an iron grip that is fortifying against any type of opposition. It suggests an unwavering individual and sometimes a ruthless nature as these people will avoid being pigeonholed or bound by routine. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon have the Splay pattern and Matt's shows a Grand Trine of Moon, Mars and Saturn............ 


 Leonardo.gif (13570 bytes)     matdamon.gif (13656 bytes)


Not only can these patterns reveal dynamics of the natal chart, they can also be

informative about your coming year as based upon your Solar Return.........





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This is great thanks! Just to be sure I'm understanding correctly, is this chart a bowl type?



Hi Jasmine.........


You are correct on the "Bowl" type....


I'm smiling here with My Virgo Sun and Scorpio

Moon ~ You can see there is nothing on the

other side of the Chart to form any oppositions ~

My Chart is like that ~ Thanks for sharing it.....


Surf's Up out here from this Full Moon........ 


Hope you enjoyed it........       )0(





This is absolutely fascinating! Where can I go to get MY birth chart done? I would love to be able to understand this better- Ice



 Hi Icewitch !!!


Just sent you a note.......







 Hi braith  !!!


Glad its making sense ........    : )


Speaking of making sense........ 

That Horoscope of yours seems very disjoint,

Sstarfyre Wiseroot ~ I'll look at your data soon

and send you a note without all that nonsense......







 Hi braith  & Sstarfyre Wiseroot.......


Mercury retrograde can be a challenge ~

But I do like to look at everything in a Chart.......


I have usually found that the Transitions themselves

rather than the entire retrograde period are the

most active ~







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