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I know the obvious reasons: The environmentalism, paganism, anti-militarism and the like. But the Xians really have their undies in a bunch over this one. Just google Avatar pagan and the number of negative entries is unbelievable.

So what was it about this movie, as opposed to all the other movies that are considered to be un-christian, that is so upsetting?

Is it because of the fabulous 3D technology that will attract teens?

Is it because it is wildly popular?

I think there is another reason. I think that those Christians who saw it were moved, much the way I was, by the beauty of the Ne'vi people. I cried throughout the movie, not just at the sad parts. I cried because I felt the Goddess call to me through the movie.

I think that the Christians felt this, and were scared by it. This forced them into a state of cognitive dissonance by having their world view challenged. Since they can't believe that anything other than their own religion, they must attack the source.

So...what do you think? Am I just projecting, or do you think there is another reason for the vehement attacks?

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well, the christians hate the movie of course of the fact how it portrays paganism and the worship of nature and a goddess, they just dont like anything that questions the christian doctrine or system, if it isnt christian its evil, to them. They must think the movie will make people question there religion (christianity) and make them explore alternative spiritualities, theyre threatened by it. There was a discussion a few weeks ago about this very same topic actually,lol.....but just as i said in that discussion, i absolutely loved the friggin movie, it was the best ive ever seen in my whole life, nothing can or will compare to it, i love it! if the church doesnt approve of its theme than boo-hoo, go cry about it!lol.
and don't forget, they felt the same way about the Golden Compass! ad BTW, I loved the movie also! :) Both of them in fact :)
My guess is its popularity. The Xtians can't stand the competition.
I think you hit the nail on the head.
I am constantly surprised that the xtian church - (mainly catholics, but the protestants surely arent refuting any papal expressions), has the need or audacity to put limitations or berate other spiritual paths. They act as though their cult is still in its infancy back in the roman era and their people are (supposedly) still being thrown to the lions. Get off it!!! No other religion on the planet uses its power to sway the hearts and minds of its constituents against another path. Someday soon, there will be a mass awakening of how atrocious this behavior is, and see it in it's true light.

I agree with you. I also felt the Goddess call to me through this movie. I have never in my life seen a film that moved me so much spiritually. I told my wife afterwards "This is what I believe!"

I agree that many of the Christians who saw the film felt the same tug, but were afraid of it because it went against what they have been taught to believe.

I was a Conservative Christian once myself, and although I believed in my head that the Pagan religions were wrong, in my heart, I knew better.
it absolutely makes no sense to me ,i saw that video where the christian pastor or "impastor"..lmfao was ranting and raving and downing avatar saying its classic paganism satanic stuff....imo the two have nothing to do with one another but anyways, i have never seen them get all bent out of shape when the new blowing up the world or serial killer movie comes out, so wtf is ther problem!!!! i think the message in the movie was a positive thing ,and to go against that message is the real evil
Wow...just viewed the Pastor Mark Driscoll's remarks on is fascinating to me how such different viewpoints can be generated by the same movie. And OMG to think that God is a part of demonic is that!!! Seems to me we didn't have much trouble with Satan until the Christians came along. I tend to think of Satanism as a dark negative denomination of Christianity and nothing to do with paganism. There seems to be such a disconnect between the two ways of thinking that it is almost impossible to even start a fact, in this pastor's eyes there is nothing to discuss, only evil to be vanquished. Watching that youtube makes me proud to be a PAGAN!! Avatar was a beautful movie, visually and in the message it gave. Who in their right mind would think that it was a good thing to go to another's world, planet or country and rape and plunder and destroy the natives in order to gain resources and profit. I guess there are a lot of people who would do that...look at the history of our world, and of our nation.

This movie- which I love- is plain and simply anti- mindless

global corprate raping of a world, where the natives finally said

enough is enough- take your greedy backsides back to

the world you destroyed.  Not in my backyard!!!!!!!!!!


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