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Sosondowah is an entity in Iroquois lore. He's a great hunter who stalked the elk, Oh Je A Nah Doh until captured by Dawn who used him as watch man.

During his forced servitude he saw a human woman going about her business.  Her name was Gendenwitha. Sosondowah fell in love with her and began to sneak away from his post.

During the spring he would enter the heart of a blue bird and sang to her. In the summer he sung as a blackbird, and in the fall, a hawk.

As a hawk Sosondowah captured Gendenwitha and brought him to Dawn's lodge and tried to marry the human girl.

Upset that her guard was slacking;dawn tied Sosondowah to a post and turned Gendenwitha into  the morning star, That way he could see her but never touch.

Image by Frederick Richardson

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