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2,182 mi Off the coast if Chile lays Easter Island, also called Rapa Nui, a small wind swept island famous for it's 887 known large statues called Moai.  These statues were part of the native religious life and so was Makemake, who's cult may have came after the Moai.

Makemake appears to have been  the deity believe to have created the Rapa Nui people and he was served by Tangata manu or the "Bird men".  This was the title given to the winner of a competition in which they had to swim to a nearby island, retrieve a sooty tern egg, and return with out the egg breaking, falling from a cliff, drowning or getting eaten by a shark.  The contestants were chosen by prophets and they would choose a representative(Hopu). Once presented with the egg the winner would have special status until the next ritual.


The cult as usual,was suppressed when Europeans came.

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