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I feel such connection to Brigdh, even love. As soon as I learnt about her years ago, I knew she was to become a part of me. But what do I do with this? I feel like a 10 year old boy who likes a girl for the first time, but doesn't know what they're for. I know a few stories. The blurring of lines between the Pagan Brigdh and Christendom's St Brigid, and I embrace and embody that blurring, myself. I love the stories. The image of the fiery muse. The bathwater turned to beer. The power of a woman amidst a culture of patriarchy.

At a recent Highland Games, I purchased a necklace ostensibly bearing the image of Brigdh. It's a simple trinket, but it seems to have awakened something in me. Even when not wearing it, I feel her hovering over my right shoulder like what I used to think of as guardian angels, but with wings of fire instead of feathers. 

I ask her for inspiration for living creatively, for appreciating my current circumstances, for finding better ways. Is that the end of it? Asking for things? I doubt it. What do you do when a goddess makes you feel so loved. 

I know feelings like this are not meant to last long. I've felt it before. Like a pleasant odour, you stop smelling it when it becomes too familiar. 

What is the best way to use this time when I feel her so tangibly? 

Incidentally, I was born on 1 Feb. We don't choose our birth dates, but sometimes they can provide clues, yes?

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