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I am talking to a woman today that has come to me about problems in her apartment. She is renting in a bad neighborhood and the place she rents has a bad history. She is experiencing a sense of presence along with unexplained movement of objects, physical manifestations and on one occasion a picture on the wall appeared to have movement in it. The picture is gone now, but the noises and other problems persist. How can this be handled.

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Spells Evil Eye Protection

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Bath for protection against negative energies
Author: Marcela for © | Copyright-------------------------------
This is a bath is designed to cleanse the spirit and get your elevation to protect against negative energies.
Needed: seven white carnations, holy water and a colony of common usage.
Preparation: note that this bath must be taken every day for an entire week. It may be comfortable with cold or hot water. It should fill the tub and then pour a cup water in the colony chosen, the seven petals of white carnations and a few spoonfuls of holy water (the more the better). Mix well so that the bath water is wet out of the elements and then getting into the tub. Being in the water relaxation exercises should be done and repeat three times your favorite prayer, in a sincere and profound. Staying in the water for seven to ten minutes and then go out and allowed to air dry, so do not leave the protective layer.

Against negative influences
Author: Marcela for © | Copyright-------------------------------
This ritual allows us to create a positive energy barrier prevents the entry of the negative energies of those around him, but we must consider its effect lasts 24 hours, so if we do must be used within that period. The ideal is to prepare when we know that we will contact the negativity in some way.
We need: a pot of boiling water, a pinch of salt t ground cloves.
Preparation: as far as possible in the magic hour but as we said, this spell is valid for 24 hours, will be at the time as possible, hours before contact with negative energy, which can be in a meeting work or family, a funeral, etc. We proceed to take a bath of clove. To this end, the night before we make a mixture with a little boiling water and ground cloves, to form a uniform paste. The next day we put the salt in the pasta and mix until the salt has completely thawed with the rest of the preparation, fill the bath and pour the mixture into the bath water. We must remain in this bath for at least seven minutes and then let the skin air dry, so as not remove the protective layer. If you want you can make a prayer of protection to strengthen the barrier. Attention! If you have skin problems, do not do this spell.

Against fear of the dark:
Author: Marcela for © | Copyright-------------------------------
This amulet is very useful for those who are afraid of the dark or have fears about the dangers of sleep so they can surprise.
What you need: a piece of willow bark, black natural fabric (linen, cotton, silk) sewing needle and black thread and a white candle.
Procedure: This amulet must be done on a Saturday in the magic hour. It takes the bark of willow and placed in the center of the black cloth. Then wrapped like a bag and sewn with black thread. Once sewn the bag, it is placed in front of the white candle. Then light the candle and repeat three times: "What this amulet to protect me from the negative energies of the night. So be it. "Then she blows out the candle, are discarded remains of what used and placed the bag with the bark of willow under the pillow.

Prepared against envy
Author: Marcela for © | Copyright-All rights reserved
Prepared against envy causing our own achievements.
For that we need 1 tbsp coarse powder, 50 g. dried nettle flower, a red chalk, paper and pencil. Crush the chalk, flowers, nettle, and mix with the rough. On paper write the name of the person who needs protection. Then place the paper in a bottle and he dusts. Closed tightly and shook it while asking that joy into our souls and left behind the envy of all destroyed. We have to let it rest for three days. After this time we put a little of this powder in a vial which will use as an amulet.

For the psychic defense
Author: Marcela for © | Copyright-All rights reserved
For the psychic defense, to fortify the emotional and energy.
We need 5 tbsp cornstarch, pumpkin seeds clean and dry, they can be dried in the sun or a furnace blow, lavender and 5 white peppercorns. In a mortar will cornstarch with lavender oil, mixing well to absorb the essence. Then add the crushed seeds in processor, mix and add the peppercorns and grind all in the same mortar. Then pass through a sieve and stored in a closed bottle. To apply it we must cut paper 8 x 10 cm. and place a teaspoonful of the preparation on paper, then folded in half, leaving a hole through which blow. To protect the desired person should blow the dust around your body. If we want to protect themselves should take a little dust with the tips of the index finger and thumb and scattered by our body. In both cases, as we do the dusting, we will ask our power to protect yourself or another person, and that this energy against the intrusion of evil.

To neutralize the enemy
Author: Marcela for © | Copyright-All rights reserved
On a piece of bark must write the date of birth and full name of your enemy, then wrap in a black scarf while muttering: "Shut up now, it breaks your bitter tongue." (New name of the enemy) "shut up now, do not say harmful words. How this is done!" Bury the handkerchief with the cortex while Visualise the enemy unable to spread negative rumors about you.

How to guard against negative energies?:
Author: Marcela for © | Copyright-All rights reserved
Heat a cup of cold water in the sun for 15 minutes, then place it in a cool dark place. Then place the glass under the bed all night, if the notes up the glass are full of bubbles, it means you have been exposed all day to negative energies. For positive charges and revitalized we eat before bed an infusion of cinnamon and chamomile.

Bath and charm to bust salacion
In a liter of liquor, generously put rue (herb), 7 cloves (species) a glass of water and a glass of holy water, allow to marinate for a day and the next day, after the normal bathroom, bathing with this concentrated and dresses. It is very powerful.

Virgin Prayer Juquila
Mother, Juquila virgin, virgin of our hope, yours in our life, watch over us from all evil, whether in this world of misery and injustice of sin, you see that our life is troubled, do not abandon us. Mother, protect the pilgrims, join us for all roads. Sailing without a livelihood for the poor and the bread is removed retribuyeselos. Join us throughout our life and deliver us from all sin. Pray this prayer for 9 days and ask for three wishes, one business, two impossible. To publish this prayer on the ninth day and will be fulfilled, believe it or not.

Protection against evil
It Nesecito a chopped apple in half and a bay leaf in the middle of the block put the bay leaf and recites: apple heart bay leaf away this evil to be well

For a person away
3 sprigs of rue, 3 garlic cut them crosswise, 3 the most spicy chiles cut crosswise, place all ingredients in a bowl (glass) heat resistant) salt and add it a paper where you wrote the name of the person, asking him away, run away beast fucking tell where they hurt. Stir in water and oil, on top of that a butterfly xmas cork to float and the butterfly makes a Mechita that stays on for nine days and nine nights (buy the botanical Mechita a) make sure the glass always has water and oil because that will keep the fire in the Mechita, if you go out turn it on.
The ninth day, takes all this into the glass and bury in a hole in the ground.
During the nine days be patient and do not pay attention to the provocations, because during those days of fighting there is danger around you.

Cleaning house
- 7 Pacific red flowers
- A ribbon of red and white fabric
- Ron - Pure Smoke
Are tied with two ribbons of 7 flowers. He puts the cigar smoke and spit bathes with rum. We must pass this around the house: look, doors, furniture ...
Once clean, put the industry behind the door and when night comes we take it and throw it in the trash.

Amulet ra
Bird of any variant 1pluma
Gavilan 1pluma
a black cloth
a gold candle

Preparation: take two pens and burn the ashes and put them in seyar black cloth rag with a candle melted gold. This amulet will protect you of any variant spell, evil eye, and also gives you health and luck

For people who are created with curses
To ward off the evil of a creature, even demonic presence, the person who will make the ritual must be barefoot, holding in his hand right would a white candle and the left mao an olive branch. Incense should be lighting a and make the patient lies on her back on the floor, eyes closed. It also needs a little water from rain or deice mar.Y prayer like this:

As a servant of God away evil spirit not connected to this person. On behalf of the Divine Creator that I love since I know you all

my heart, soul and senses, and who'll love forever promise, I command you espirutu of evil, separate yourself from this body that these tormenting and ledejes free and pueeda receive this divine rain water which intersencion and the echo of San Cipriano him, saying the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whose presence and strength are invoked in this event.


The cured person must go around in circles on itself, hands and feet were rubbed with honey and take a bath with twenty white carnations, cologne, a little sugar and ammonia.
Must new white towel drying.

Protect yourself from enemies
This is a very simple recipe, just put your right foot in a paper with the name of the person you wish to go you evil, full name. After you wear the shoes as usual and as you walk say elnombre of the person and with every step, we want to return the evil they wanted. You'll see how it works!, Then you'll know it

Returning damage
- 3 cups are glass, one for each day, before bed to fill a glass with tap water, stare at the figure who made us and say the magic and secure a firm voice:
"I do evil caused is returned to you, the tears you've cried the cry, the pain you caused me do is yours" put under the bed to the height of the head. The next day when we wake up to take the glass and throw the water to the toilet three times and download. This is done for three days.

Protection Amulet
In a black cloth inserts a pair of rose petals and another pair of flower you want, then add a little sand and pebbles. Then sew the fabric so that it reads as a kind of pouch. Leval always with you, and not only will protect you, but you will leave a pleasant smell.

Against the evil eye
You need two cloves of garlic and scissors.
under the mattress placed the scissors open, put the garlic cloves, one between the blades of the scissors and the other between the holes (where you put your fingers when you use it). let it under your mattress until you see qe improved your situation and the evils disappear. every night before bed says "you drive off the garlic, the scissors cut you down, that everything you send me back."

Protective amulet
stone of your horoscope
a glass
quarter water
quarter of salt
a piece of cotton
how to prepare simple. when you are calm and relaxed, making the stone with both hands, and hen visualize the stone surrounds a white energy is energy luminosa.Que purified.
From now you take the cup, you put the stone and filled with a quart of water and one quarter of salt, let it stand for 24 hours.
Then throw water and salt, but be careful not to pull the stone, you put the glass on the faucet with cold water taking care not to remove the stone.
Then you take the cotton and deposit the stone in the cotton.
And without touching the stone with his hands, the dry well.
The stone and is purified, then after you take the stone with his left hand, hand never derecha.y put his right hand over left, p ut without touching the stone with your right hand.
then ask in faith, your desire to protecion to stone.
Then keep your stones in your purse or bag and bring it along.
Important that the stone PD do not touch anyone. If you touch it you will have to make the whole process I said again.

Ritual of Rebirth
This ritual should be performed at least three times a year. In a letter, write the lies you told and you've told, the bad things that have happened and the evils that can be caused to the people.
The letter put it in a bottle of green glass, which threw into a river or sea - moving water always.

Write your name, your profession and recognize your years on earth, sheltered by Mother.
Example: Luisa, a sculptor, I was with my mother since xxxxxxxx (number of years you have one). Write in red ink: Throw this bottle water to be lost, threw my lies to power to forget them. Tomas forever, here's water in this bottle all the uncertainty, that is agreed and clear of thought, rivers, seas and winds, only to remember my kisses, my love and my sex . This ritual is a reborn of water and earth, where you give thanks to the mother that engendered thee.

Spring cleaning
This bath is to cleanse themselves of negativity and needed four lucky orange peel, cinnamon sticks 21, a handful of basil, a handful of rosemary. Make hevir 20 minutes from boiling and put a few drops of sandalwood

Household Protection
One way to protect your house is as follows: We take two sewing needles and thread are tied crossed with red. These needles are placed above the front door of the house well hidden.

Spell against people who wish us evil.
What you need: a cleansing incense, two activated carbon, salt, water, a paper figure, a container for burning coal, a black candle, a bottle of oil for cleaning, a white candle consecrated, a cord
IMPORTANT NOTE: This spell is very powerful to cut the evil that we do, but if we're wrong person (for example if the person we thought we did wrong in fact it did) the spell will not hurt as only is directed against personnel who do evil. First clean the place where we will perform the ritual cleansing incense lighting on an activated carbon as we say "the smoke and the air I clean this space of all negative charge \" Second, in a mixing bowl and sprinkle salt and water with this around a while say "With the salt and water I clean this place of all evil." Third, invoke protective spirits, saying, "spirits who protect me, come to me, help me to heal the evil that they have sent me" repeated three times. Fourth: to prepare the paper doll (out of the wrapper and leave it to the side) in a can or similar to an activated carbon on, cover them up with herbs. Fifth, take the black candle and mark the symbol of Saturn in it, into the candle with your fingers and light the candle oil thinking that the black candle will absorb all the negativity that is against us. Sixth, take the white candle and draw the symbol of the sun, take oil with your fingers and wipe the candle, light it, watch the candle flame and think that the light reflected by the color white is clear of all negativity. Seventh: take the human form and begin to roll the cotton string around it until it covered any extra cord cut and burn. While this is done is to recite the following and repeat until you have uncovered the figure: "You can not say more damage, you can not do more damage, you can not do more harm to anyone, this spell you're bound, by our will your 're tied, you can not do more harm to anyone, in this cocoon you shall he abide, to transform you and learn for yourself no harm. " Eighth, when you finish reciting binding and transport to the human figure to a place where he can bury or burn, DO NOT VIEW THE PERSON BEING buried or burned, (because otherwise the spell will not work) but must be buried or displayed burning damage emanating from that person as a force like a dense fog.

I hope this will serve and do good to someone.
A sleek glass with a little boiled water. (3 / 4 cup)
On the mouth of the glass on his right hand and claims
"In the name of the Creator Benefactors invoke the spirits to get rid of bad influences that I had launched my enemies.
The invoke to put a remedy in this glass of water for my body and soul receive the beneficial scents that will serve to destroy any spell on me either from a distance, through prayers, incense and by measuring a time or by astrology. "
Then, drink water slowly, while saying the prayer again.
I need not repeat the recipe, with one time I made enough to be immune to bad vibes and spells.

Daily Protection
things you need:
1 garlic
1 piece of plates
1 bay leaf
You take a garlic and put it together with a bay leaf in a piece of plate, with which you wrap around later, then with drapes handful of garlic salt on top and then wrap it all with you take it platina.y in his pocket during the day.

To clean the body
It's simple. buy a gallon of milk black bull and the day Friday after your normal bath from head to toe you bathe refregandote milk and ask them to cut everything bad that has marvelous body, I pray a creed and crosses himself. You dress without drying your milk. how good it really feels

To turn some evil spell cast
Offering a lamp red or purple to Don Juan's Flip. San Desacedor and Don Juan of crashing.
Take the lamp and before turning it reads as follows:

I offer this large candle lights a Don Juan of the dump, San desacedor and Don Juan of the stars, so that at this time and is now tip over, back and undo all evil, witchcraft, witchcraft, black magic, envy, gossip and intrigue that been made against me (ie name) the people (say names) and hidden enemies and attested. Lighting the lamp, when you go down the middle, turns and turns upside down, saying the same request.

Prevent you from stealing
In a purse, a shoe or anything you're carrying a needle placed to ward off thieves

Clear negativity
husk, a bouquet of white carnations flowers, water and milk all in a bucket of mop the floor, a new mop. and scrub the floor. from the inside out to the front door. let it dry and sweep the floor after the flowers to the front door, pick up, throw away the container with the mop. do not touch anything with your hands. which remain in the bucket is pulled by the vessel, and put bleach into the bucket for labarlo, pull the pitcher. you will see that good. do a once a week. at 9:30 pm. and if you have a white handkerchief, the better because I amarrais the cleaning head when coding. This ritual is better to clean the floor of the home, business, ect ..

Buy 9 nine heads of garlic are the same size place them over your two hands and pray to her three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys, invokes all the beings of light, for mercy and clemency three times, then thanks for the favor received

To go unnoticed
This is a very effective spell to go unnoticed or no attention. Not work when it is doing something wrong, but is very effective and can be used to return home at night to go through siios inspirational distrust ... By repeating the spell creates a kind of barrier that serves to avoid attracting attention and reach our destination without mishap.
"Fog of view chameleon dragon and I am the man who governs over the sea that covers go into the dark depths changed the light to be refracted around me"
A spell out of a book of white magic "Ride a Silver Broom" by Silver Raven Wolf

Protection Amulet
In a glass you put cinnamon, honey and brown sugar and put trim in the kitchen that benefits women and serves to protect the love couples and families alike.

For daily protection
you have to put white candles at a portrait of a family member who has died, this is done on Mondays especially

Eliminate anger
We will need a garlic and five pins,
with the pin going to write the name of the person who is angry with us in the garlic and put them on a cross for half an hour left, and thrown into the drain.

Clean your house with bad vibes
With this spell you will rid your house of bad negative waves, spirits and on avoiding the negative things!

1-charcoal which number you want but always buy impar.2-sandalwood, myrrh, benzoin in-one latecilla polvo.3 or metal or glass plate can be disposed at the end of healing.

(ALL THIS WE CAN GET IN Santeria and Herbal Remedies)


1-Place three charcoals in the dish (that are not stacked!)

2-turn one and made up of charcoal dust on a little of each scent.

3-turn on the second and repeat the same thing, and then the same with the third of the coals.

ONCE WE HAVE ONE OF THEM ON THAT the smoke through every room and asking God to help us clean from all evil. EFIC Use it IS SUPER !!!!!!!!

protection with an apple
To protect yourself from negative energies picks up a red apple and put it where it needs to absorb and every 15 days when it changes and turns black if there is bad energy and the block absorbs the energy.

People living in your house have problems
If people living in your house has problems, lost work, fall into depression, there is no happiness and money disappears, it means that a chameleon demon living in your home.
To zoom out you need a stick of wood of 25cm or so and not too thick, you also need sugar and cinnamon and a candle anyone to burn only wood.

Mix sugar and cinnamon well mixed in equal amounts in a bowl, light the candle and burn the end of the stick when the stick is red hot as you pass the sugar with the cinnamon and even smoke when you let the smoke spreading in the room of the house where you are, and so filled every room in the house with the smell of smoke from burning wood with sugar and cinnamon and the devil will chameleon because he hates the smells.

This is an option but if you find a sweet-scented incense and cinnamon is much better although it is difficult to achieve.

Clean the evil eye and bad vibes
1 Egg, chicken, raw
1 glass of clear glass, half full of water


The person should stay clean as little clothing as possible (ie underwear) and lying on a bed, face up and eyes closed. Concentrate on positive thoughts, take the egg and go through the whole body (without breaking), like a rock, you pray a prayer or meditate. Break the egg and empty its contents into the glass of water: if there are threads, branching or bubbles, is that the person had a bad vibe or evil eye, and you've cleaned. You have to repeat the spell once a week, until the egg comes out fully transparent.

person to drive away evil makes us
Pour into a glass bottle full name of the person in question in a place in the refrigerator or freezer where nobody ever sees it, there up to three days leave, no more that the person became ill.

To exorcise a ouija board
The Ouija board, the board with the alphabet and numeric list sorted from 0 to 9 for hidden messages of spirits and other entities of different levels to ours can be a tricky and risky practice. If you want to get rid of the game forever, he burns the board along with snuff, vervain and salt. Add to this a bit of holy water and good splash of alcohol. Burn everything to exorcise the entire board. Warning: Do not play with ouija never without deep knowledge and experience are basic.

How to protect your home
Having a mirror in the driveway for everyone to think reflects their negativity to enter and do not enter your house



To ward off envy and nobody hurt you
Take a bath at new moon. The water must bear the scent of "7 males" by "I have the power", natural yoghurt, seven yellow rose petals previemente purified for 10 seconds. while taking bath repeated six times in a low voice: "I have the power. the stars protect me. the good is on my lado.nada I can do." Repeat for one last time aloud, raising his arms to the four points cardinales.Corta many strands of your hair as you can. and spit it out in the mirror.

for protection against both magic spells
making a metal object Hold him down for ten minutes in your hand and your hand goes duspues 1 time for each of the five elements of water, wind, fire, earth and metal light a white candle put it in a place with a staff with land lower tip left a paper fan to symbolize the wind in the lower right edge five drops of spring water for the water in the upper left tip of mantis hirba fire ignited by the candle at the upper end at the tip nght placed above the metal object this gives two grams of ammonium in the fire of the candle cut a piece of your hair Light it with the candle place it on the object is finished Metalast spills three drops of your blood on it and repeated: in my I have the gift of blood flowing in my magic there is no greater power. to that object in your amulet conbertitira bring it with you and not open to be magic to get through bad or anything magical to fear. it is preferable that the metal object as small as a pendant or a ring for easy porting and also that is free and pure hechiso among other less expensive metal that is not gold or silver better

protect against the evil eye
Use a red ribbon tied to the wrist. Also used red coral and red horns. You can put a red ribbon at the entrance of your home.

to deter that person that bothers you
first write the following on a sheet of paper, if someone talks about my let it return all that he has spoken to me; Enter your full name (1st name. 2nd name, 1st name) and his nickname, then with a white candle esrito repeat what is on the sheet, the spell, your name and sobrenmbre; to finish burning the candle leaf, and throw it away through the window you will see how that person will go faster in your life

ME can write:

Although you may not believe the rough is a plant that used in antiquity for obsecados and possessed. take a bunch of rough-based cleaner and wipe from head to toe and save a bit under his bed, charge in your body and put a bunch at home and read the Psalm number 30 and see how to improve things. and if you. this worst take a cup of tea of rue and improve. if you want more send me a spell

To catch a SPIRIT

protection against evil spirits
If the evenings are negative spirits. Put a plate of salt below the cama.Se eventually the problem will no longer bother. Over time, remember to change the salt of the plate, taking care to pull the old salt into a drain and remove all remaining debris.

to clean your home or business of black magic
You MUST get a bottle of alcohol, matches and a yellow oil lamp, oil lamp turn on the yellow, you take the alcohol and made into every corner of your home or business and set it on fire (very careful with things that can burn) and then you say these words: "if there is evil and jealous people, get out of my business.

Healing with Honey
This recipe is used for when a person has a bad temper, is very offensive and should take one tablespoon of honey in empty stomach under the tongue and another before bed every day, as you can see one can still have the same bad character and can vent saying anything and our words will not offend anyone. can write:
I've had a bad temper and I practice it and tell me what q1uiero and no one is offended. practically this is for the world around us we have more tolerance and love. Thank you for attending

For that person does not cause more problems
This recipe is for people who are causing you problems and for some reason do not want to leave alone. Take a picture of her or him and on the back write your name, age, date of birth. You take one lemon, half the parts, but not quite .. leaves a space for both sides to continue together. After you put the picture in between the two halves in a bag that can close completely and he made you put water. Seal the bag and put it in the freezer. Practically, this person will be frozen and not bother you any more. You remember me when you do

spell for protection
when you feel you are in danger only repeated three veses this spell .. I am the light, I am able to stop me all the power and darkness that comes against me

protection to get rid of a dog
looking the dog in the eye with his right hand and left hand places the index finger on the tip of middle finger in the direction l to the ground and say mentally TU MAS does not bother me with practice you only have to look into his eyes

Perfume Protector
In a small saucepan made him 2cucharaditas rosemary, 1 Tbsp of absinthe, a sprig of rue, fennel 2cucharadas, 3de fern, 4 lavanda.despues boil these ingredients in water, whether natural best, the liquid boiled see what made a bottle or jar and let it soak in alcohol 15 days, ask your heart that you protect this perfume, and we pray three parents of all evil.

prayer to San Antonio
PRAYER TO SAN ANTONIO To "Remember the Forgotten", "Finding the Lost" and / or "about what's Away" has to do for nine days at the same time. Keep a candle burning for 30 minutes while praying the prayer . The last day to let the candle burn completely. It is important to have faith and you focus on what you want. PRAYER: San Antonio Bendito, to the mountain you go, the rosary and the alphabet lost, you met Jesus, who comforted you and gave you three virtues: "Let it be remembered Forgotten," "Lost That what was" and "that takes him away is near." San Antonio is why, at this point I ask from the depths of my unless: (... here ...). the request is made I thank you for granting my request (as if he had been made for) then prays to San Antonio: an Our Father and three Hail Marys, payment, or in gratitude for what has helped us achieve. Do what you want nobody Danes

to envy
load in your bag or a garment that you always have a lime. desaste of it when it, and is dried. Recommendation: throw it on a street that do cross.

clean house
cinnamon and sugar and water boil or mopping the house with this and turn a straw or stick of incense of yellow roses. and your house will be harmonious and free of bad energies

To break negative spells
If you think that you and any other loved one is a victim of negative spell inflicted by a person of little faith. Make the following protective ritual. One Saturday, at four in the afternoon, placed in a bowl, seven grains of salt, 7 grains of rice, olive leaves in July, and 7 hair yours or that person. Throw a splash of alcohol and burn while the ingredient to be released states.

To protect yourself from negative energy
Put your picture in a bag along with some dill, angelica root and a little rude. Place this bag on a mirror and say, "spirits of the reflex, bout my bad, it drags you hate and evil."

To know if you have done a spell
Put water into a bowl and then a sheet (we suggest a clover leaf or a Olivero but anyway) check on the plate 3 drops of oil as you say this: If something evil is on my left who can turn, then made 3 drops of oil if Sepat esque leaf have a spell on you! CONVÁTELO!!

eliminate your fears
Recite this spell many times as you fear: Elements of air, augu, earth, fire, remove this negative energy for which the person who is not afraid to recite (say your fear here) ---------- ---------------------------------- Then cojes one black and one white candle, let the white to eat Black .------------------------------------------- If this fails you will have to resort to the potion. _||__- POTION-_ | | __ Fill a tall glass of chocolate milkshake two chucaraditas sugar check and then uca over cream layer pour a little cinnamon into pieces cocholate very very very very tiny almond after small chunks, and finally 3 drops of your blood ... put it in the fridge for 30 minutes and then drink it; Will it ;-)

To see if you have your home free of demons
1st => You go walking around the house, in every different part of the house you should say: If you've ever been cursed let you can see and so Poderte overcome. 2nd => Limp a black candle and a white and put them in the center of the house, leave them turned on five minutes after the time off the black candle and let the white candle while you begin to make the spray cleaner 3 º => Spapray purifier, you need: A few sprigs rosemary, essence of a colony, fresh water vendita. Blend everything in a saucepan and COCEI during aprox.15 minutes (more or less until llerva) after spending the time off the fire and add two teaspoons (tablespoons) of alcohol. and let enfriarr 5 min. 4th => Put the potion in a bottle of spray 5 => Go picks up the white candle in his left hand and spray on the right, go spraying around the house with the spray (the white candle is used to not attack you while you destroy them) If you do all this the demons will leave and not come back ... But it will no longer or become demons ARE SOMETHING MORE!!

as knowing the future
on a sheet of white paper written on the destination and want to see playing time this repeat 3 times followed by burning the leaves and the final sucking smoke in the form of sleep

To destroy something that scares you
To do this spell you need to have much power the spell is as follows: With these words with these sisters: Melinda Warren, Sophie, death falls on Loren.La; Death carry it far from here

to protect yourself from Evileye
just enough to have garlic in your pocket or simply placing it behind the door coba luck

clean a shaman friend of Venezuela
Place a glass, put water with salt, make a clean, grab an egg ranch and pass it cross the chest in front solar plexus ready, break it and empty it into the glass, you see the contents, pull it, ready, god bless you today and always. Your friend the magician

Protect yourself from envy
The first Saturday of each month sprinkle a little cinnamon to your body when a bath or shower as you say "The eyes that look at you wrong, will go out soon." Repeat this mantra every time you need to stay well at home.

Am I the victim of a spell?
To find a picture of yourself placed on a table. put this picture on a white plate with water and placed in its center an olive leaf. spills three drops of olive oil (only three) on the sheet. If you see that deviate these free spells. if instead they stay firm someone has done a spell. Fight them!.

Investing a negative spell
If you think you are the victim of a negative spell contrarréstalo with this ritual. Go to a place where you can walk barefoot, as he stares at the sky while you chew a little licorice. Mentally recite "No evil force will perform my spiritual essence nor my will. Evil is denied." Wait fifteen minutes and spits licorice. Top with a little soil or sand.

Intergalactic medicine: the person gets taken against the palms of the hands and mentalis that negative energy out and you green INTRODUCTION positive energy after the rub palms and sweep up and down this current is to cure diseases

advice about the gods
Always try to make a fence that spell, the gods asking for something, try to give something aClimate, gives some physical or material sacrifisio or usual, try to always fulfill your promises and when REALISE that thou give thanks to the gods daily for resandoles porlomenos a week at 12:00 pm. I recommend that before making any kind of magic you know what you're getting into, because when you do magic for someone pergudicar're doing black magic, and it all comes back to you sooner or later .

to remove a curse
Yellow light two candles around a taro with some of the damn place and say, "Let the evil that is gathered on this site aprezca no more in this place or in no more than this lot" and blow out the candles.

protection spell
For stripping and cleaning bath Ingredients: Deer Horn, 7 lemons, Baking, 7 Astral Azulillo pills. Open Roads Essences, Abundance, Gold and Silver, Musk. Ways to prepare: In a jar with water, put three tablespoons of deer horn, wet with this and the azulillo the body, while praying a creed and making the sign of the cross on his chest, soles of the feet and hands The rest of azulillo can use it on the head, the rest of the cast it water from the head. Then rub with lemon and baking 7 taking what he considers to disrupt and damage, then a little water to unify the essences (drops it deems necessary) and rinse giving thanks for cleaning.

protection spell
Prepare water cleaning person, if blessed better, add a little vinegar and indulge yourself with your hands dispossession. Ask your guides and protectors to release him from the negativity and all those bad vibes being disturbed. Then mix milk, honey and a dash of your favorite perfume, únteselo in your body and think that vibrates in unison with what we crave. Calls joy and strength, with these two ingredients will produce their own light and get more light.

protection spell
To undo spiritual works or materials Ingredients: brown sugar blue soap, a container, forty purple candles, parchment and seven grains of salt. You must write in blue soap panela what to revert. With the grains of salt to make a cross on the brown sugar soap. The parchment must write problems that you want to undo or work. Then put the scroll below the container. Put the brown sugar into the container of soap and worked and proceed to fill it with water, preferably blessed. Say the phrase "San Unmaker." Light a purple candle and let it consume the side of the container. After the prayer to pray, pray one Our Father and Hail Mary.

protection spell
Quick recipe to get the bad vibes Ingredients: holy water and white vinegar. In a bowl mix the holy water and vinegar. Then hang a rosary on the chest and right hand go spraying the water on his body. While downloading is going to say that all low vibrations are disturbing me disappear from me and my environment.


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