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I am new to the group and was hoping you all could give some advise in healing candle spells specifically for helping others with cancer. I have been doing a healing Candle spell every Sunday but would like to start something more advanced. I have lost all of my closest relatives to cancer with the exception of to adults and a teenage cousin. My friends mother has cancer now and I have been helping but I'm thinking I need something stronger...I do use herbs and oils in my spells as well and please consider she does live far away from me so I can not work anything physically on her. Any suggestions on reducing her mother's pain, protection, and healing would be helpful. As cancer survivors and those of us who have lost loved ones to cancer no the pain and struggle people have to go through, So please any advice at all would be greatly appreciated =)

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I will see what I can find.

Thank you so much =)

Being a cancer survivor and a healer my instinct is to use green  and gold .while I was taking chemo I  visioned being in a green forest and absorbing the energy of the living green growth . It helped a lot I felt more connected to the world and all the LIVING things in it.. It made me fight to live and get well again. My husband also made me realize Ihad someone to go home to. Be very supportive in whatever their decisions are. If they offer to use a port Take it .they are wonderful.


Oh my what a strong person you are I teared up a bit....I'm glad you made it through so you can help motivate others. Do you think if I envisioned green forest and gold surrounding her while I do my candle spells it would help more? I always tried to envision the cancer leaving her like a black fog and white light surrounding her for protection...I am going to try this. I already feel like it's more natural and even sitting here it's easier to envision. Thank you!

Harmony says to work it and let us know how she feels.

Awesome I do have a close friend working with me as well and we do have her permission :) I did mold a clay figure to send to her and blessed it hoping it would work. Any help is welcomed! My friend is on here I will have him work with us. We are a team and he has been diligently work beside me on this but with us being green to the craft we do need advice and a teacher so to say, thank you so much and blessed be my friend!

Thanks Nick.


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