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Well, I hear a lot of people talking about starting a group.  I guess we should specify what, exactly, each one of us is looking for:


Online meetings or offline meetings?

Hoosiers only, or open to anyone with a broom?

Activites restricted to one religious path, or more of a hodge-podge?

Do we need a leader, or shall we just a collective, like a kibbutz (did I spell that right)?

What skill and/or experience level are we all starting out from?

How does each of us learn best?

I see online eduational institutions popping up all over the place nowadays.  I even found one that offers free tuition.  Are there any online learning forums for spiritual learning?


Let's discuss ideas right now, and come up with a sort of a plan for communication and learning.

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So, Angie, where do you think we should begin?
I am a new to all this and have been searching for a mentor or group. And this sounds like an amazing idea


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