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Does anyone know of any stones that are good for anxiety? I have several books on stones and crystals, but I am interested to learn from other peoples personal experiences.

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I like smoky quartz for anxiety.
I always use my Lapis Lazuli for anxiety attacks.This stone quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Imbalances between these levels can result in depression.
Larimar - induces a deeply meditative state. It raises consciousness and harmonizes the body and soul to new vibrations. Larimar can calm you down during periods of stress.
Clear Quartz is pretty good also for it raises energy to the highest level. So it also helps me get out of my ruts and back to feeling better and energized.
With the stones and crystals you have to work with their frequencies to make these effects work positively for you. This is how I work with stones, crystals, and Moldavite. Moldavite has one heck of a strong vibration to it. For these items to work I have to attune to them and not change their qualities. I hope this helps you.
I have a moldavite pendent that I wear sometimes. It really does have very strong vibrations..sometimes they can be quite overwhelming for me. But it is still one of my favorite stones.
Blue Lace Agate is good for regulating panic attacks, I also like using blue calcite to help calm myself at night if I'm having trouble sleeping due to anxiety. Personally, if I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety with no clear cause, I've corellated an excess of energy in my body and doing a simple grounding/centering excercise will help a lot to regain a sense of balance.

If you are knowingly going into a stressful/anxiety-producing situation (i.e. a job you hate, etc.) I know I have found that dedicating one piece of stone jewelry for an added sense of calm as well as extra energetic-shielding really helps get me through the day with better confidence. I love my labradorite pendant for this alone! Good luck finding your best stone!
Any stone that seems to have a calm, soothing energy is good. Blue lace agate is one of my favorites. I often pair it with Lepidolite, a very soft purple stone that contains lithium. Lithium is used in medications as a mood stabilizer to treat depression and bipolar disorder. I use Lepidolite to ward off depression and regulate emotional ups and downs.
These are all really great suggestions. I will definitely give them a try. Thank you all!
When I feel down, I like to go and wash all my crystals. Each have something spesial to offer. Just being with my crystals makes me feel so much beter. Maybe it is slowing down and sitting and refecting. Hope you feel beter soon!
Thanks Monique. I have chronic anxiety which I have dealt with as far back as I can remember. Im always looking for new and better ways of dealing with it.
White Sage I do the same thing with my crystals! Glad to see I'm not the only one...Blessings, Ianna
My daughter sometimes has alot of anxiety which can lead to stomach issues (IBS) and she carries a black onyx with her to help keep her really works for her.

I always wear a hematite bracelet with an additional seven different colored gemstones to help balance my chakras.....and that works for me. I also where a silver ring with a prehnite stone set in's been called a prophecy stone which also helps you to "let go" of negative feelings, I started wearing it after my father helps me feel better just looking at it. I hope you find a stone that works for you.

Blessed Be!
Amazing, because ive seen it written that black onyx is also good for letting things go. I put on my turquoise when i am stressed. I find the stones make me feel like healing is taking place. Scott cunnigham has a good encyclopedia of stones.
Some stones that are very good for slow calming energy that doesn't overwhelm are yellow jasper, moss agate, white howlite, and botswana agate. I would suggest also several stones that have been previously mentioned, such as hematite, obsidian, onyx (natural onyx is black lace agate), amethyst, blue lace agate, and actually any stone that makes you feel relaxed (different people react to different stones in individual ways - I do not find heaven eye agate, a form of natural onyx aka black lace agate, in the least relaxing but my stepson does).

Also remember that if there is a specific cause for the anxiety, different stones may be more appropriate, such as rhodonite with some pyrite for social anxiety; or for test anxiety I would suggest lapis, amethyst or sodalite. For financial anxiety, aventurine is good, though stick with the green to reduce anxiety (I have a lovely blue and green combination sphere that is good too). To seperate from past events, snowflake obsidian is good - also for turning away negative self talk and negative energies of others. Smokey quartz is great for easing generalized depression, if that is the source of the anxiety. Botswana is good with generalized anxiety as well, and for dealing with grief.

rainbow obsidian helps you to move through the cause of the anxiety to find resolution when you are ready for that.

as for method, I would suggest combining the stone with some simple deep breathing exercises using the stone as a focus while you work through the anxiety with the deep breathing to slow your heart rate (as you count your breaths slow down a little bit at a time, and your heart will slow and the physical anxiety reaction will lessen). Use a form of the stone that you can either carry with you or wear as has been suggested - jewelry or a worry stone - or use a stone you can hold as you focus on the meditation.

hope you have found something useful

Bright blessings!


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