Gaia is my patron goddess and I would love to know what incense that could be made to honor her.  Thanks!!!  Bright Blessings!

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 those with an earthy smell to them like patchouli, sage...

Way cool!  Thanks so much!  Blessed Be

While Gaia is not my Matron goddess I do have an incense recipe that might be pleasing.

This is my blend for working with earth energy so it can work well for a goddess associated with earth.

3 parts powdered sandalwood

1/4 part white copal

1 part patchouli powder

1 part sage powder

1/2 part lemongrass powder

1 part orris root powder

2 drops of jasmine essential oil

2 drops of neroli essential oil

2 drops of rose essential oil

2 drops of vetiver essential oil ( optional)

i use red wine to bind the mixture so that i can form it into hand rolled sticks then let them dry.

The blend smells very earthy. The vetiver gives a darker edge to it. But it smells of earth and sweet blossoms. It could work very well if you are looking to make your own incense. Red wine is my binder of all incense but you can use other things. The mixture should feel like wet sand then you can start forming it. If it is too wet add more sandalwood powders. cones can take up to a week to dry completely, and sticks are normally 2-3 days. 


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