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hathor seth

Egyptian Deities

Ash (Thoth, Khons) - God of the moon
Amenhotep - Raised to the rank of god due to his archetectural genius and achievements
Ament - Goddess of the land of the west
Ammut - Demonic goddess who attends the hudging of the dead
Amun (Amon, Ammon, Amen) - Local god of the city of Thebes (Nut Amun)
Anhur - Sky god
Anta (Anat) - Daughter of Ra (aspect of Ishtar)
Anubis (Anpu) - Funerary god of embalming and tombs
Anuket (anqet, Anukis) Divine wife of Khnum
Apep (Apophis) - Demon enemy of the sun
Apis (Hap) - a bull god
Astarte - A Cannanite goddess thought to be a daughter of Ra
Aten - God of the Pharaoh Akhenaten
Atum (Tum, Tem) - Evening aspect of the sun god Ra
Auf (Efu Ra) - an aspect of the sun god Ra
Ba Neb Tetet (Banebdedet, Baneb Djedet, Banaded) - Ram god
Bastet (Bast) - Cat-headed sun goddess
Bes - A guardian god
Duamutef (Tuamutef) - A funerary god, son of Horus
Geb (Keb, Seb) - Earth god
The Great Ennead (of Heliopolis) - 9 gods which make up a protective dynasty about Ra
Hapy - A funerary god
Hathor - Goddess of love, tombs and the sky
Heket (Heqet) - Goddess of creation and the germination of crops
Horus - Sun god
Hu - 'Authoritative utterance' One of the sun god Ra's attendants
Imhotep - God of learning and medicine
Isis (Aset, Eset) - The embodiment of ideal motherhood and womanhood. Sister/wife of Osiris, mother of Horus
Khepra (Khepri, Khepera) - Scarab aspect of the sun god Ra
Khnum (Khnemu) - God of fecundity and creation from the Cataract area
Khons ({Khonsu, Khensu) - God of the moon
Maahes - Son of Ra and Bastet
Maat - goddess of truth and justice
Mehen - Divine snake who protected Ra in his coils through the Kingdom of Night
Mertsegar - Funerary goddess of the Theban necropolis
Meskhent - Goddess of childbirth
Mesta (Imseti) - One of Horus' sons who guards the human viscera after mummification.
Min (Minu, Menu) - Ithyphallic god of sex
Mont (Month, Menthu, mentu) - Falcon headed god of war
Mut - Sky goddess (wife of Amun Ra)
Nefertem (Nefertum, Iphtimis) - Son of Ptah and Sekhmet
Nehebkau - Serpent god of the Underworld
Neheh (Heh) - Personification of eternity
Neith (Neit) - goddess of war and domestic arts (especially weaving)
Nekhebet - Guardian goddess of Upper Egypt who looks after children and mothers
Nephythys (Nebthet) - Goddess of the dead
Nun (Nu) - The primal waters (the source of life)
Nut - Goddess of the sky
Osiris - Vegitation god linked with corn, later became the god of the dead and supreme funerary deity
Ptah - God of artisans, designers, builders, metal workers, architects and masons
Ptah-seker-Osiris - Composite funerary god made up of the three gods in the name
Qebhsunf (Qebehsenuf) - Visceral guardian son of Horus
Qetesh - Goddess of love
Ra - God of the sun
Renenutet (Ernutet, Renenet) - Goddess of harvest and the suckling of babies
Renpet - Goddess of youth and springtime
Resheph (Reshpu) Warrior god crowned with gazelle's horns
Saa - Personification of intelligence
Sebek (Sobk, Suchos) Crocodile god of Fayum
Seker (Soker, Socharis) A funerary god of the Mempgis necropolis
Sekhmet (Sakhmet) Goddess of war and battle
Selket (Selchis, Selquet) - Guardian goddess of conjugal union
Septu (Sopd, Sopdu) - War god
Serapis - National god of Ptolemaic Egypt
Seshat (Sesheta) - Goddess of writing and letters and archives
Set (Seth, Seti, Sutekh) - God of thunder and storm. Personification of evil in the battle against good
Shait - goddess of destiny
Shu - God of air and atmosphere
Tanen (Tathnenen) - Ptah ia the aspect of an earth god
Taureret (Taurt, Thoueris) - Goddess of childbirth
Tefnut (Tefenet) - goddess of moisture (especially atmospheric moisture, dew, rain and mist)
Thoth (Tehuti, Thout, Djehuti, Zehuti) - Great god of wisdom, magic, music, medicine, asronomy, geometry, surveying, drawing and writing
Uajyt (Uatchet, Per Uadjit, Uazet, Uto, Buto) - Guardian goddess of Lower Egypt
Wepwawet (Upuaut, Ophois) - 'Opener of Roads' wolf headed god of the Underworld

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I have begun to feel a strong pull to Khonshu. WIth his Old kingdom and new kingdom 180 its almost like a "Gemini" deity


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