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The above website has further history and information on Hekate, as it seems to be dedicated to her. The more I read about this Goddess the more fascinated I become with her.

Please take a minute and read this brief description below and I’m sure it will also spark your interest to learn more about this mysterious Goddess.

Finding the 'real' Hekate is a complex task: We learn very little about Her from Ancient Greek sources, and their conception of divinity was almost certainly very different from ours. Hekate's particular qualities make the task especially difficult.

Hekate is "intrinsically ambivalent and polymorphous. She straddles conventional boundaries and elides definition." Oxford Classical Dictionary

Sadly, much of what has come down to us through literature and myth has been badly distorted by the interpretations overlaid by those who could not know Her. I hope to reveal something of Hekate as I understand Her; complex and contradictory, powerful and wise.

Hekate was a popular and ubiquitous goddess from at least 700 BCE until late antiquity. In Pre-Classical Ancient Greece She was represented as a young woman clad in a long robe, holding burning torches. Later Hekate appears triple-formed, with three bodies standing back to back, probably so that she could look in all directions at once from the crossroads. There are a selection of representations of Hekate on this site.

The poet Sappho (630 BCE) describes Hekate as a handmaiden of Aphrodite, "shining of gold".

A homoerotic love spell dating from the third century describes Her as
"Mistress Ruler of all mankind, all-dreadful one, bursting out of the Earth"

But today She is most often portrayed as a dark & evil manifestation who wanders in graveyards or haunts dark nights with terrifying hounds of hell. This distorted image comes from the twisted minds of those who fear Her power: Those sad souls who have lost their connection with the chthonic, who shun their own shadow, & fear what they do not understand.

Hekate is a complex Goddess. She is Crone but also Maiden. She brings abundance as well as storms and She has a key role in birth as well as death. But Hekate's darker side has been gradually emphasized since the Fifth Century BCE, so that by Medieval times She was presented as little more than a parody of Her true self.

"O well done! I commend your pains;
And every one shall share i' the gains;
And now about the cauldron sing,
Live elves and fairies in a ring,
Enchanting all that you put in. "

Hecate in 'Macbeth'

The Christian Church, & those it serves, fear Her, for She has power they cannot comprehend. Hekate is one of those ancient deities who come to us from a primordial time before the Olympians & the Solar gods of the patriarchs. She is patron to all who stand on the boundary between life & death; midwives, healers & witches.

Hekate is awesome & can be terrifying, for She rules all that is outside our ken: Death, & the dark intuitive wisdom that is beyond the conscious mind. Such wisdom comes through dreams & whispers, mediumship & divination. It is the inspired vision of artists & seers. For some it may be too much & bring the madness of lunacy: Hekate's power can poison as well as heal.

Our culture denies Her realms. Death is a taboo subject, & the old are hidden away. Hekate is the Wise Old Crone who knows death & does not fear it, for death brings renewal through the fertility of decomposition.

But Hekate is much more than Dark Crone: It is Hekate who guides the Soul and the Seeker; Hekate who blesses a child's birth; and Hekate who brings abundance to those who honour Her. Explore with me and discover the real Hekate!

How did Hekate become transformed from a popular, bright young Goddess into a dark and terrifying hag?
Perhaps we will never know for certain, but there are some fascinating clues.

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Great info! Thanks for posting. Blessed Be, EcoWitch :)
You're very welcome. I enjoyed it.
I am glad to hear about the "primitive Hecate", before she was misinterpreted.

She is the one to invoque when seaking spiritual knowledge.
she was known as the one "who sees far away", "croned with light".
She protects delivering women and young boys (or is responsible for their death...)
sacred offrands to Hecate were oignons due to their relation with the Moon. Her sacred color was saffron. She is often with dogs. in Discovreis +, Hecate

December 31st

Hekate’s Day (Greece/Rome)


Themes: Moon; Beginnings; Magic

Symbols: Serpent, Horse or Dog (her sacred animals); Light
(specifically a torch); Myrrh; Silver; Moonstone

About Hekate: This Greco-Roman Goddess rules the moon and opportunities. Tonight she opens the path through which the old year departs and the new enters. People customarily worship Hekate at crossroads, where worlds meet, which may be why she became a witch’s goddess. On this, her festival day, she bears a torch, lighting the way to the future.

To Do Today - December 31: At the eve of a new year, take a moment and pat yourself on the back for a full year of goddess-centered thinking and action. Note your achievements, and thank Hekate for helping you find the way when your vision seemed clouded. An additional benefit here is that speaking this goddess’s name today banishes unwanted ghosts, including those figurative ghosts of past negative experiences. Let Hekate take those burdens so your new year will begin without anything holding you back.

To accent this goddess’s powers in your life throughout your celebrations today, wear white or silver items, and light a white candle in her honor. For a token that will emphasize Hekate’s magic and lunar energies whenever you need them, bless a moonstone, saying

“Hekate, fill this silver stone;
keep your magic with me where’er I roam.

Carry this, keeping the goddess close to your heart and spirit, Happy New Year!

(this article from the book 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco)
facinating! Ive always admired her but could never get close to her due to the images she represented..I am intrigued enough to know more now.
Good info. Yep, and just cause a Goddess is dark,dosn't mean she's evil. I think that the concept of diety is beyond good and evil. Or at the very least ,the idea of absolute good and absolute evil.
Your description is very good. Hekate does belong at a three-way crossroads.

Of course, the only goddess known to most americans is Mary/Maria.

Put in a niche for a Goddess, and Mary/Maria always pokes her nose in.


Thanks for the post. She is a unique Goddess.
I was wondering where I might find more symbols or way i can honor her this Samhain. Does anyone have ideals?? This was a wonderful post that helped me alot thank you

This is awesome!  I learned a lot.  Big Hugs, Rissa

I love Hecate. I have been blessed with her presence and guidance. I have been a solitary witch for close to 17 years now, always in the "broom closet". I had been longing for years to enjoy conversation with others who shared my love of magick and nature. She came to me in a devining dream when I asked for guidance. In the dream, it was night. Dirt road, and I couldn't see any part of her but the bottom of robes.I was not afraid, but felt very safe. I knew who she was right away, she never had to speak. <3 She was taking me down this road to where it spit into 3 paths. I stood there feeling like a lost child not knowing which direction to go. She was so loving and warm to me as she gently guided her hand on my shoulder, and showed me where to walk. I walked alone from there to a grand old plantation house with a large garden. There were laughing, dancing, happy people all around a fire. I was immediately welcomed by young and old alike with open arms, and I felt like I was home. Right after the dream, we (my fiancé and I) moved to southern Louisiana. I have met more people than I ever knew possible to share with! I no longer feel alone in this world, and have been blessed by her. She is a wonderful and loving Goddess, and I will always have an altar for her in my heart and home.

That is wonderful that you have had such a positive experience with Hecate. This discussion has made me want to know more about her!

Hekate is one of my favorite goddesses.


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