yule faeries

Yule Deities

Goddesses-Brighid, Isis, Demeter, Gaea, Diana, The Great Mother.

Gods-Apollo, Ra, Odin, Lugh, The Oak King, The Horned One, The Green Man, The Divine Child, Mabon.

God, brother-consort of Freyja; son of Njord. "The Lord", fertility and creativity God; "the Lover"; God of Yule. He is the god of wealth and peace and contentment. Blood was not allowed to be spilled through violence, nor where weapons or outlaws allowed on or in his holy places. Sensual love, fertility, growth, abundance, wealth, bravery, horses, boars, protector of ships and sailors, peace, joy happiness, rain, beauty, weather, guarantor of oaths, groves, sunshine, plant growth, sex.

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Totally cool!  Thanks for posting this for us.  Blessed Be!


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