I'm new to the group and also new to paganspace.net for that matter. I found it quite refreshing to have found this group while perusing the groups section of this site yesterday. I'm a disabled (back, knee, neck, severe head trauma, and PTSD) occultist, mystic, and spiritualist. I've been disabled since 1999. I hope everyone here is well and i look forward to meeting everyone on the gorup.


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Hello Wolfe! Greetings and Merry Meet! I had a stroke in March of 2006 and after many months of rehab and recovery I've gradually gotten to be in pretty good shape again. Just a little bit of damage to my right hand and fingers.
Greetings Wolfe,

I'm a brittle Diabetic with Neuropathy, Fibromyalsia and Heart Disease. I hope through this group we can be of support to one another.

Hi Wolfe, I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. I have had a lot of challenges and changes since then but I have gotten through them with a little help from my friends.
Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with MS back in 1993, and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2004, if my memory serves me correctly.

I am on meds for the RA but not for the MS. The MS was severe for the first few years, but I have had only a few symptoms since and I hope it stays that way. Remission is nice!

The RA is a daily pain, literally, but I am happy to be alive and to only have the few problems that I do have.

I hope today finds you all well and blessed!
Hello to this group. I am a disabled Marine Veteran. I've been disabled since Aug 99, thanking goddess and god, that even today I'm walking albeit w/ a cane, though others said it would not be possible. I've been through many struggles with my hearing loss, severe knee injury w/ arthritis, and I shake alot due to an overactive thyroid (currently under medication and is improving) Hopefully we can all help each other, learn and adapt. I've done alot in my own ways, and I shall strive to help as much as I am able.

Merry Met,
Hi everyone. my name is Meghann, i'm 23 and i have arthritis and pierre robin syndrome. i was diagnosed with Juvinile rheumatoid arthritis when i was 22 months old so since about 1989. but since i have become older that 18 it has been shortened to just rheumatoid arthritis. i started out having it in my left knee and right elbow. then over the years it moved to my ankles. and then to top it off about 4 months ago my "good" knee dislocated and we are thinking that when that happened my arthritis flared up again. so now i have it in both my elbows, both my knees, both my ankles, and even in my left wrist and right pinky finger.
for those of you who don't know what pierre robin syndrome is it is when you are born without a cleft pallet (the roof of your mouth) luckily i have a less severe case so it isn't that noticeable. i have a little bit of a lisp because of it. people with a more severe case of PRS are more noticeable. most of the time with the severe cases they have what is commonly known as a "hair lip" but lucky for me only my soft pallet was missing (that part of the roof of your mouth that is very soft in the back that you can push on with your tongue).
I know lots of people with disabilities. one of my friends was just recently diagnosed with fibro. another friend has severe back pain. i don't think there is any actual disease or anything but her back has been messed up since she was in a car accident with her little sister and her dad's girlfriend. we all try to be there for each other to kind of listen to each other when the others have a bad day.
but anyway i just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. i look forward to talking with everyone on here and getting to know you all.

blessed be, my name is Liliabet and i was born with both a cleft lip and palatte. this left me deaf and blind, i am also wiccan. my family thinks i am M.R. *shudders* I hate the words handicap and dislike people trying to tell me i ought to come to jesus. but my path is clear now, i am supposed to help others like me, oh i also can sign and read braille somewhat. I have a very sweet boyfriend and his name is Lucifer-Phoenix whom i met on another chat but i drug him here. we are both good to each other and have love, trust, and he doesn't mind that i am deaf-blind at all.


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