Greetings! I'm Jane Raeburn, Maine Pagan and author. I'm also, increasingly, someone with a disability. I'm currently writing at about the idea of planning Pagan festivals for people with multiple levels of mobility. 

This got started (as I explain in one of my posts) when I was invited to a certain festival and found the Web site very off-putting, using language that excluded me rather than including me. What have your experiences been with festivals that do a good job of inclusiveness? What have you seen that could have been improved?

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I really enjoy your blog! I am new to the Pagan community and have been far too nervous about accessibility to go to any festivals or public events so far. I hope to build up my courage to do that soon. I've been to other types of festivals and have experienced a wide range of access. There is often quite good provision at big music festivals (the best have decent accessible toilets, raised viewing platforms. vans with gluten-free food, sign language interpreters etc). On a few occasions I've experienced very poor access, such as one where I turned up to find that the event was on a clifftop that could only be reached by several hundred steps and the organisers hadn't bothered to warn anyone of this (yes, seriously). For me, the most important thing is that people have willingness to help. For example, I can't stand in line for sessions in tents at the big music festivals, as I have very limited ability to stand and can find the crowds very difficult (have Asperger's). When the stewards or organisers realise that I'm not trying to skip the line, but just need a seat somewhere quiet, things go a lot better! Good organisation in advance is helpful too. When I've struggled for half an hour to get across a field to an event that is suddenly moved to another venue in a different field, I get very annoyed! Best of luck with your event - I think it sounds like a great idea :)

we need sign language interpreters AT these festivals!!!!


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