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Last night I dreamed about living in a high-rise apartment. My apartment was on the second floor, apartment 208. I went grocery shopping and stocked up on food and consumable goods. My second day in the apartment I forgot which building I lived in, there were multiple buildings that all looked the same, like the projects. I went to the wrong building and ended up in the wrong apartment. There were about four men living there, foreigners. They were eating dinner and not upset about my presence in their apartment. I left their place and found my correct building. There was a common lobby in the building with many people watching TV and chatting. I went into my apartment and discovered a bomb with a strange trigger device. I played around with the bomb and figured out how the explosive was triggered. I went out into the lobby and told the other people about the bomb. One of them took the bomb in my hand and threw it through a window. It caused an explosion but did not hurt anybody. I went back into my apartment and found another bomb. I did the same thing with this bomb, took it to the lobby, someone threw it out a window. Again, I went back into the apartment and found a third bomb. This bomb had a different triggering device. It was very touchy, and I almost blew it up in my hands. Instead of throwing this one out a window I hid it and the apartment workers called the police. When the police finally arrived, it took forever, I couldn’t remember where I hid the bomb. Everybody started looking for the bomb, cleaning people, people hanging out in the lobby, and the one police officer who responded. Nobody ever found the bomb.

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Means its "A Trick". Someone is going to trick you and that you're going to fall for it's trick. Unless it happened already.


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