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I want to talk about dream interpretation, more specifically, about a dream that I had consistently as a child. When I was younger, my dreams were my escape. I would lay my head down on the pillow, and immediately dream. I could even tell myself when I was going to dream, and it would happen! I was able to control every aspect of my dream as well. If I was scared, I would say "I want my mommy, I want my daddy", and suddenly I would wake up. My dreams were my domain, and I looked forward to sleep each night, so that I could experience them. 

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It wasn't until later in my life, when I started studying dreams through literature, that I learned that nightmares are actually important! We are meant to stay in those dreams, and interpret them just like any other dream. While they may be terrifying, there is actually a reason for that. When we dream, the spirits of the dream realm, are creating an environment filled with symbols, imagery, or sometimes direct messages of future events, or things that need to be looked at in your life. Nightmares are simply dreams that are intensified in order to get your attention. Important life messages will normally come through as a normal dream, and if not recognized and put into action in your life, the dream will start coming through as a nightmare, in order to raise red flags and help the dreamer understand the importance of the message.

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I want to talk about a nightmare that I had consistently as a child. This dream absolutely terrified me, and caused significant trauma for a short period, until I finally put two and two together, and figured out what the dream meant. My mother is an alcoholic, by the grace of the goddess, she is recovering now, and will soon have a year sober. When I was little, I knew something was wrong with my mom. She acted strange, was always sick, and seemed to be so distant and sad all of the time. Seeing my mother that way, and not understanding why she was like that, caused a deep sadness and confusion in me. I remember constantly being worried that she was going to die. I began having this awful dream that would not go away, and seemed to get worse each night. 

  In the dream, I would wake up in my bed, hearing someone wailing and crying in the bathroom. I remember that the voice sounded evil, demonic almost. I would get out of bed in my dream and walk to the bathroom door, and when I opened it, my mother was laying in the bathtub with vines that looked like they were made out of a brownish liquid , wrapped around her body. She looked possessed and she kept saying "Help me, I want to stop, but I cant." In the dream, I woke up my brother, got him out of bed, and we would run out of the house and get into the car and try to get away. Every time I had this dream, there would be obstacles in the road when we tried to escape. We could never get away.

  This dream became so intense and caused so much fear in me, that I finally decided I was going to figure out what it meant, which meant talking to my mother about what was wrong with her. She sat me down and told me she had an illness that caused her to need alcohol constantly and that she couldn't stop. It was then that I realized what my dream was telling me. My mother was possessed by alcohol, and it had her in its grip. Anytime my brother and I tried to get away from her, we couldn't because our love for her got in the way. Once I figured all of this out, the dream stopped, and I found peace.

  I am telling this story to encourage others to really take a look at their dreams. They are important! Write your dreams down, write down how you felt in the dream, the people, places, things. Connect with your dream guides, because they are trying to help you. 

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Thank you for sharing your repetitive childhood dream.

My repetitive childhood dream was of a headless man driving a large black sedan trying to run me over. I would always be running down the middle of the road and the headless driver in his black sedan would be right on my tail. Of course, it always felt like I could run faster but my legs would not cooperate. (You know how it is when you are running in dreams.)

I would guess my age to be about five or six years old at the time of these dreams. Maybe the headless man was my father, he was kind of harsh with his children back then. I'm not sure.

Maybe it was a headless apparition of some spiritual entity. Some dreams do come directly from the spirit world and do not reflect our psychological states or present life maters. Many apparitions appear missing their head.

That's super interesting. I didn't know that spirits often appear headless.


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