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I have a three year old, and I have noticed at night (usually between 2 am and 6 am) that she is very active in her sleep. Sometimes she giggles, sometimes she whimpers, other times, she just outright cries. I have approached her bed several times, carefully, as not to wake her up if she is sleeping, and she has been completely oblivious to the world around her.Does anyone have any theories on what children that are of such a young age dream about??

Me and my husband have discussed it being bits of past lives coming through to the present, i mean, she does and says thing that a three year old shouldn't. She has asked me why I don't wear dresses all the time, she has looked at me like I fell out of a tree when I told her that mommy had to go to work (which I know she understands work, because she knows that's what daddy does every day.) its just little things..

I was wondering what everyone else thought it could be: any Ideas?


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