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A place to discuss dreams and and dream related issues.

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Dreams mean many things to different people.
To some they are a portent of something significant in the near future of theirs.
To others they are messages from the inner most part of our minds which acts as our own personal therapist, to help us see matters important to us in a new light that we’d otherwise ignore when we’re conscious - Although we might misinterpret the meanings.
But it seems to me that there are few pagans who are willing to brush aside a dream that’s being fairly persistent in occupying their thoughts, So I created this group with mostly this in mind.

Whatever your views are on dreams feel free to share your experiences and thoughts. The topics can be endless, and its fun to conjure up the wild and sometimes hilarious dreamscapes of others.
Dream interpretations, nightmares, dream walking, lucid dreaming, dream divination, and any sort of dream related phenomena or troubles you can think of.
So please, share with us,


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Comment by Saulf on November 12, 2014 at 7:37am

Had weird ass dream about spitting up shards of broken glass recently... Any ideas as to what it could mean?

Comment by Knight Phantom on October 22, 2014 at 4:10pm

Sorry to be so late in passing this on,

I had a dream last night; it involved some similar elements to dreams that relate to this sort of things. But the main thing I wanted to share with you was what the dream showed me.

Here is the part I can share readily,

I had to go to this meeting, it's hard to produce the exact setup.

It was like a school room. Like at a college, it remind me of Hogwarts. 

I think that is a clue, because nothing about the looks of the seemingly regular setting would suggest that. It was a classroom, and the group of us that where finding our seats and getting ready for the speaker, who we knew was a government type person.  No specific government mentioned. 

Everyone is really casual, I know that my dream signifier, or the person who is me in the dream knows that each of the other students is talented in some form of arts or math. I also know that a group of Chinese students, our peers from another university? Universe? these students are going to be setting in on this demonstration, ( I don't know what they are going to show us.)

Two secret service type guys start setting these keyboards, like old school pc keyboards down on the tables, one keyboard for each pair of students, The student are paired One Chinese and One of my friends..or other students. Im not aware of who everyone is.  This things though, are not keyboards. They are treys with little black cubes on them. The cubes are magnetic. But not heavy. 

Here is where it is hard to pin.  The government guy begins the demonstration, or pitch really.

Im not sure how he shows us his plans. There are no projectors or screens. Clue? But in my dream signifiers head, or in my true head I can see pictures of what he is talking about, just as if I do normally.  I saw the earth being transformed, as if giant rakes have criss crossed it, digging in trenches, moving tectonic plates and soil, desserts and oceans into lines. And then into cubes, and then into what looks like the deathstar. 

This is actually the contention point.  Before I go on,  He tells us that they this is the best they can come up with, the world is at def con 4, it's going to blow up. He says they have the technology in place now to reshape the earth but we have to work with set geometric variations. That there will be duplicate spots on earth, thats about when all of us students start to get disruptive. 

Stuff like this: " Oh, you mean kinda like the SIMS?" or " Thats sucky, it looks like the deathstar."   and Im thinking, great it's going to happen. It's over and this is what they're telling us we have to work with.  Im already coming up with ideas in my head, and I know that some of the other students are like me, not outraged but disappointed. 

The government guy gets offended and just flips his shit, say's something like. "It's all we've got, you don't like it because it looks like a death star? Good, thats your part do something about it."  he leaves the room with the secret service guys, the students start to filter out casually, we all know what the assignment is. I stick around last and collect up all of the keyboard things, my dream signifier self is thinking, "wait til last, I want to get a better look at these things, maybe take a couple cubes for my own. Or see if they come back for these. I collect them all, decided that I don't need any of the cubes. And leave them in the box at the front of the room... 

NE way.

There you go, a Dream I had.

Comment by Jan Anderson on September 21, 2013 at 8:56am

Hi PJ, Thank you for sharing your dream. I believe power animals can perform miracles - can they defy physics - who knows? You have been given a mystery and there is no need to make sense of it. It is a gift - a very lovely gift. Meditate gently on the events of the dream and the waking with your son. Even if the unfolding of meaning takes 10 years - let it be so. It feels very sacred. Again, thanks for sharing. Blessed be.

Comment by PJ on September 21, 2013 at 6:41am

First I want to start off by saying I am the guy who usually sleeps until noon if I can get by with it. I had something happen tonight that I can not explain. I am just now starting to get into pagan/druid type beliefs. I was raised in a Baptist church and have held those beliefs for many years but when things happen that the church says is impossible then you start searching for answers. Anyhow, this is what happened tonight and I have no clue what to think of it:

I am married and I have four step-kids that I love as if they are my own. The oldest boy (13) fell asleep on the floor of my room tonight and we let him stay there. He was feeling bad and running a fever most of the day. We are very close (he wants nothing to do with his biological father). He may as well be my son. I was dreaming that I was being carried around by an eagle who was teaching me things. He said I could call on his spirit and he could bring whatever I wanted to me if it was for the right reasons. He said "watch this".  He dives from high above our house and goes through the ceiling. He gently grabs a hold of my step-son and lifts him onto my bed. The eagle said he can transport people through time and space if need be. When I woke up my step-son was laying in my bed next to me burning up with a fever. It was time for more medicine. Any thoughts? 

Comment by Christina Casper-McCoy on August 15, 2013 at 10:55am

sometimes when dreaming of the stuff that is going on around me I do like that the dream will help guide me on things to follow of what is needed of me.  You can only talk about something so long then after it's old new to them but needing dealt with for you no one wants to still and lean a ear?


Comment by Knight Phantom on June 26, 2013 at 4:17pm

Is one day awake different than another? One dream is the same makings as another, but the message. The message may be poignant. You can protect yourself by exposing your weakness, let the fear pass through you in the dream and move forward. All is Flux. Peace.

Comment by Nicholas Dragonphyre on March 12, 2013 at 10:22am

Here recently, I have been having a lot of things that are like visions in my dreams.  When I have these, I wake up with unexplained emotions. Is there a way to be sure if they are dreams or visions?  Is there a difference?  Can a person's fears alter dream contents? With that last question, there are things going on that I am extremely hopeful about.  I have a fear that the hope is false. Is is possible that the fear is trying to get me to let go of the hope in order to protect myself?

With what I consider regular dreams, I tend to lose them within seconds of waking up.  With the things that seem to be visions, I can easily hold onto them for weeks and recall them just like they just happened and with each time, I can recall additional details.

Comment by Adolpha Gavina on December 29, 2012 at 3:03am


Have a wonderful weekend, stay blessed and safe :o) 


Happy New Year, All ... 

Butterfly Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Comment by Adolpha Gavina on November 11, 2012 at 12:51am


Have a wonderful long weekend,

stay blessed and safe...


Comment by Jan Anderson on August 25, 2012 at 11:12pm

Not sure if dreams can be effected, but i know we can come under psychic attack. You can imagine yourself surrounded by a ball of light with a reflective outer surface that repels outside energy. Program it to only allow influences of a high vibration that is intended for your highest good to pass through. 

It's best to have this in place before the attack begins, since its harder to put in place once the attacker has gotten through. So if there's a time pattern to what you've been experiencing (only at night since its effecting your dreams), you can set it up at that time. Or you can set it up 2x/day - before bed and when you get up in the morning.

Hope that helps.


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