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How do you celebrate Earth Day everyday? What do each of you do every day to be an Earth Warrior? What makes each of you an Earth Warrior?

Just for a brief example, I recycle everything I can everyday, even if it means a special trip to the local recycling facility for things that Waste Management doesn't normally take.

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Really??!!?? Wow. That is intense. I know I won't buy the big SUVs and try to have a smaller, more-fuel efficient vehicle... and have always been that way. But what has made you not want to own a vehicle? I am curious, for America is so car-crazy that it is near impossible to do anything without a vehicle, and it sees that it was done that way on purpose.

Blessed be! -Star
Rock on!! I'm an eco-geek as well- we have it done to a small bag for a family of three, with the rest of the mass being recycling. We try to compost as much as we can and use it all in our little garden. For solstice, I recycle newspapers and other paper shapes to make a pinata for the kids to break. Why buy one when 24 cents worth of glue and newspapers that I would recycle can be made into a kids activity for the sun king?
I thought I would bring this thread up since Earth Day is right around the corner.

I celebrate Earth Day everyday by recycling as much stuff as I can. I am also learning and adapting to make my own cleaning products, which I perfer now. I try to buy organic and more enviormentally friendly things. I take my own bags to the grocery store. I try to car pool more, ride my bike or walk. If I do drive I try not to drive over 65 (but this is something I am still working on!

I am trying to be more energy saving friendly every day. I use earth friendly light blubs, and keep up on some of the small things that really matter, etc.

I try and teach through example (but I am far from perfect) I am a work in progress...

Every year I try to adapt a new "lifestyle change" that is more earth friendly.

I like to Celebrate earth day with my friends and family! Why not get together, have some food and drinks and maybe plant a tree or talk about how ways to become more aware?

It's about education but making it fun and interesting too. Sometimes it is best to just have information and things for guests to take home so it is not all lecture.

I also like to get out on the land and do rituals that involve healing the earth and each other. We are all connected and the earth is a reflection of us and we are a reflection of it. So work on healing the earth and yourself. Hosting an earth party is a great way to mingle pagans and non-pagans too.

Last but not least, I try and organize clean ups and when out on the land I try and pick up as much "garbage" that I can carry.

Green Blessing,
Papa Loki
In Spring, Summer and Fall, we harvest rainwater, it is silly, expensive and not good for plants to use city water. We use non-toxic often home made soap, reduce the temp on our furnace, it was just off for two days because we were out of town. Bathe only when necessary, darn socks, only run the washing machine with full loads, cook at home, eat many meals uncooked, garden without tilling, man-made fertilizers, or chemical poisons, carpool, combine trips whenever possible, power cycle drive when driving is necessary.

Hundreds of tasks each day require attention to detail. From how much snow you shovel to where you elect to put it. From how much scotch tape to use for a certain project (I often cut the tape in half if that is all I need!) Whether to rinse dishes in hot or cold water, whether to ride the bike to the store, or drive. All of these things make a difference. The biggest single thing that I do daily is think about what is really necessary and how to get the most out of the resources and energy that I do use. Lifestyle changes that benefit the environment are so much a part of my day, that many of them are not even on my radar. Since I learned that brushing your teeth with water is just as effective as using toothpaste, as long as you take care to do a good job, that's how I brush my teeth. I shut off the tap after each time that I rinse the brush, saving hundreds of gallons of water each year. I keep an egg timer on the bathroom counter and use it. One flip for hand-washing, (again, the friction of rubbing hands together is just as important, if not more important than the soap, but I run no water during the scrubbing phase) two flips for tooth brushing. While in the bathroom, use Mayor Ed Koch's suggestion, "If it is yellow, let it mellow, If it's brown, flush it down." Millions of gallons of water every day are wasted flushing toilets.
By driving the speed limit, or below it, I save over fifteen percent on my fuel costs and emissions.
No one is perfect and I don't like to throw stones, but there are so many things that we can do. Learning about the joy that can come from being conservative is something each person has to discover for themselves. My brother has taken power cycle driving further than I have done. He actually shuts off his engine during non-powered periods. He has installed a large vacuum reservoir that allows him to continue braking even after the motor is off.

Earth day should be everyday esp as a pagan who admires mother earth


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