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In seeing some comments made in the main read, I saw that there is some interest in living off the grid or living more green. So I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread on how to do just that so we could learn from each other. So whether or not your interest are influenced by an idea of living green, doomsday prepping or saving money this is the place to post your ideas.

Also, since there is some resistance by a bunch of busybodies, who use government to take away individual's property rights, I suggest we include ways to hide our innovations from code enforcement.

I'm about to buy a house & some of the things I have planned for my new home include: solar heating, hydroelectricity, vegetable/fruit/herb garden & to get the old well operational again. I'll try & post updates & photos as I go.

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Easy electricity for blondes. The wind blow, the windmill turns. Mechanical energy. Just llike the old grist mills. Water falls and turns the wheel.But the old grist mill just needed the mechanical energy transferred to the millstones to grind. Easy with axles and cogs.

Now ask yourself this question. I need to turn the mechanical energy into electrical energy. How do I do this? Call Harry Potter & Co? 'Fraid not. You need the generator for that. Generators just change one form of energy into another, Some people have back up generators for black outs that run on gas or diesel, right? Once the generator does it's thing it has to send the electricity to what ever you want to run. You wire the generator to the box and the rest is just like you have in your house now. 

Now this seems like something I can get into!

Glad to know I'm only around for peoples laughter. I wasn't thinking of it for the house Amethyst, it was for Barrys running water, he said he had a little stream, for also something with his well. I know I'm vague with things, but if I'm just a big joke well woman, your blonde brain, is also headed and geared as the same. But bowing out, k? WOW!

Thanks Angela, and I think I'll just listen, lol Not good at explaining, just wanted to learn too. May not explain well, but I try, and bow out, nah, can't take my twin always like myself asking questions my eccentric self cannot always explain correctly, apologies to those I may have confused?

Hugs Amethyst, feel better soon, k?

I'm a gonna sit back and learn, and thank goodness for the DIY'ers, have much to learn, so please be patient with me, as I'm learning too? get better you awesome lady, woman you hit nerves in me, but good ones, lmao! Get better! Blessings Amethyst! Mean that2!

Turns out HUD had incorrectly listed my house as being on sewer and the "well", that even fooled the home inspector, was actually for the broke septic pump. For some reason, the builder had the septic tank in front of the house and put a septic pump separately to pump the sewage down the hill to the field lines on the other side of the creek in the woods. (This was all dealt with months ago).

However, I did find another possible well, but, it would be within 10' of my field lines.


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