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What is centering? How do you do it and why do you do it? Is it just something witches do? What is it good for, what is it supposed to do?

These are some of the questions I am going to try to answer.

So let’s start with what is centering . Centering is drawing your personal energy to the center of your being. The center of your being is usually in your torso but it doesn’t have to be, it can be anywhere in your body. 

Now  why do you do it? Centering brings balance to your energy field. Every being has an energy field those of the Eastern religions call these aura’s and chakra’s.  My craft calls them power points. It is where you energy is stored for either later use or simply to bring overall balance to your physical and spiritual self.  If you’re off center and I’m sure you have heard that stated by a lot of people and not all of them witches then you need to center and possibly draw in energy also to get your physical and spiritual balance back.

I touched on the question “Is it just something witches do?” in my last paragraph so I will expand on that here. All beings center their energy naturally. Unfortunately humans have removed themselves from what is natural to the point that it doesn’t happen naturally as often as it should so we have to consciously draw in our energy to the center of our being and also learn the signs that tell us we need to draw energy from the environment around us. You can learn how to do that by reading about grounding.  So no it’s not just something witches do every being does it.

Now for what is it supposed to do and what is it good for question.  When you’re feeling stressed, over whelmed, annoyed, agitated, mentally fatigued and unfocused, ill etc. you can center and feel better in just moments especially if you combine it with a grounding exercise. Drawing your energy to your center you recharge your power points (chakra’s) which brings physical and spiritual balance and helps to remove the chemicals that you release while your any of the above states so you feel better and can get on with the tasks at hand with renewed energy, literally.

Now for the how do you do it question.

Basically, centering is within, grounding is without. So you must move within yourself to find the center of you.

This is one way to center the one I use mostly.

 Find a quiet place and a few moments, close your eyes and repeat to yourself:

 *I* *am* *here* - you can't move me; you can't hide me or make me go away. You must deal with me and who and what I am.

*It* *is* *now* - this is it, this is the time. Don't wait. Don't look back. Don't look forward. All you have is now. This moment, right here, right now. You.

Then visualize and feel your energy in your body as it pulses and flows like blood through your veins. Then begin to gather all of your energy into your center, beginning with the extremities. Let it coalesce into a nice round glowing ball of energy in your center. Bring as much of your energy into this ball as you can. Feel it there, steady and calm. Breathe in and out from your center.


*I* *am* *here* - you can't move me; you can't hide me or make me go away. You must deal with me and who and what I am.

*It* *is* *now* - this is it, this is the time. Don't wait. Don't look back. Don't look forward. All you have is now. This moment, right here, right now. You.

Feel the calmness spread from your center flow threw out your whole body. Let the calmness settle over every inch of you physically and mentally. 

You are now centered.

The Tai Chi Method.

Standing or sitting fold hands flat against each other (if you have seen Buddha prayer formations. ) close your eyes and breathe in and out a few times. And then you can stretch your hands out and create a half circle on the upper half of your body over your head and lower down to your chest and breathe out. While making the half circle with your arms visualize drawing all your energy into you and into your center.  Focus and concentrate on it until you lose touch with everything else. You're not out there worrying about tomorrow. You're centered. You're not thinking about yesterday. You're centered. Don't worry about random thoughts. Acknowledge them and put them aside for now. You can come back to them later. Let all the little distractions come home and be at peace. Feel the quiet that you have created for yourself. Let the solidness become familiar to you. This is your center and you can find it anytime you need it. It is always there. You don't lose your center. It is you.

This is two methods of Centering there are many, many more. Do not be afraid of experimenting with different methods to find one that fits you. You can also invent a method for yourself just as long as you become completely centered at the end of the exercise there is no wrong way to center.


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