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I will talk about basic shielding. What it is, what it is for and why and of course how.

I will cover basic shielding with more advanced methods to come in later post.

Like all the other things I have posted, visualization is the key to energy manipulation and that is what these posting have all been about, energy manipulation by visualization. This is the very bases of performing magic.  Grounding, Centering, Shielding and Visualization are the beginning of learning to manipulate energy to our own benefit or to perform magic.

Basic shielding techniques are used for dealing with outside energy or influences, they can also be used to keep in energy but I will explain that in more advanced techniques. Basic shields can be used to block magic, emotions, or other types of energy.  These are the simplest of techniques but the foundation of all magical works so practice them well and often until they become second nature to you.

Shielding is built off of Centering, just as Centering is built off of Grounding. So the first thing you do to build a shield is Ground and Center, once you have pulled all of your energy to the center of your being then you can visualize it expanding to the edges of yourself.  Once you have accomplished this you simply visualize it expanding beyond yourself and forming a sphere around you just outside of your skin. Once you have done that visualize pulling your energy back into your center and the repeating the process of expanding it beyond yourself just a bit farther. Keep repeating these steps until you can visualize a sphere just at the edge of your personal space which is about three feet in all directions.

Often times those new to energy manipulation will feel tired or weak after these first few times of implementing these techniques, this in normal. It is like a muscle you use rarely or not at all and only exercise will build it stronger. If you find yourself tired or weak after any of the steps in this exercise simply rest for a few moments and try again at a later time or date. But keep practicing and push yourself just a bit farther every day until it becomes simple and second nature to you.  The stronger you are, the stronger your basic shield will be.

Once you can expand your energy to your personal space with little or no effort then you will need to learn to visualize it in a form that will protect you simply because shielding means a form of protection.  Basic shielding is there to protect you from something outside of yourself. Simply pushing your personal energy past yourself will not keep other energies from pushing through your energy sphere into your physical self.  You need to build a shell or wall of protection around yourself using your personal energy as the foundation for this shell or wall.

The most popular visualizing for basic shields is bullet proof glass or mirrors encasing your energy shield.  When using the bullet proof glass visualization you need to visualize the outside energies bouncing off of your shield, when you use the mirror visualization you need to visualize the outside energies reflecting off of your shield.

These are called deflecting shields and are the easiest to form and the visualization technique used is called layering. Layering shields are used in intermediate and advanced shielding techniques so practice it often when learning this basic shielding technique.

This is the very basic technique for building a shield.

 Later I will tell you about how shapes will affect the efficiency of your shield and how what you encase your shield in will affect your shield, how to draw energy from outside of yourself to re-enforce your shielding. Eventually I will tell you how to attach a shield to objects besides yourself and quite a few other things about shielding.  


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