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hey everyone, you know i write stories better than poetry so ive been posting them here and i want to thank you for all the support, (dont forget to comment, it means alot). im re-writing moonlite bite, if you havent read it, make sure you do before giving ideas. ok you know it from the human persons point of view, but im trying to reverse it to the vampire womans point of view. that being said, im totaly stuck! i want it to be more than a page long. i need more ideas, for backround, emotions, feelings, and making it so the reader wants to read the whole thing in one sitting. anyone have any ideas?

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cool. i want it to be a vampire fall in love with modern day human, but not have it be a twilite knock off. just dont know whos side i should tell, and if i who should be vamp and human. maybe a woman vamp?

Have you read anne rice? She could be good inspiration for a story written from a vampire's point of view. Maybe you could do something from the vamp's point of view trying to fit into modern society and finding most humans to be disturbing, self centered, disgusting and blind...but then there is just one that isn't the same. One that gives him or her faith in continued existence and all hope isn't lost?


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