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A Place to find the History, Uses, Side Effects, Habitat and Cultivation of Herbs. We often ask for help with Herbal Remedies, but do we know all we need to know to make ourselves healthy or sicker.

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Container gardening? Any suggestions?

Started by HedgeWitch. Last reply by Angela Nightjar on Wednesday. 65 Replies

I am rejoicing because I am finally out of the city loft and in a place with a patio and access to the great outdoors! We have a rather large patio and I would like to do some container gardening. This is new to me as I've always had a large yard to…Continue

Antibiotic herbs

Started by Innanna. Last reply by Innanna on Tuesday. 18 Replies

The information I present is from "Herbal Antibiotics" by Stephen Harrod Buhner.15 Top Antibiotic HerbsThis is not a complete list of herbs with antibiotic properties but the ones listed have been used for a long time in folk medicine, good results…Continue

Medicine - Herb/Food Interactions

Started by Tea. Last reply by Adolpha Gavina Apr 12. 19 Replies

I left this in a file, but made it more detailed, here is a version of one similar to the Table I typed out and placed in that file about Detoxifying Herbs and Foods. This is a little more simple and easier to read I hope. If you want the more…Continue

Tags: Medicine, Drugs, Foods, Interactions, Herb

Great Herbal Books I recommend

Started by Tea. Last reply by Angela Nightjar Apr 11. 5 Replies

Great Herbal Books I recommend. I will be updating this Thread Often, so please keep a look out for this. Also note that some of these Books are New and some are Collectible and can be pricey. But know that in most cases you can get very nice used…Continue

Tags: Books, Herbal

Deadly Fungus decimates Global banana crop...

Started by Adolpha Gavina. Last reply by Angela Nightjar Apr 8. 5 Replies

Disease spreads from Asia to Africa and MAY already have jumped to crucial plantations in Latin America. Published on Apr 4, 2014Banana fungus spreads from Asia to Africa...Website: credit: Cahal Milmo, Chief…Continue

Tags: Africa, Asia, fungus, bananas

Searching for Seeds

Started by Angela Nightjar. Last reply by Amethyst Samia Apr 8. 10 Replies

I'm going to put some resources here for finding seed suppliers and also for starting seeds to get plants going. For starters here is an outfit I like: are a non-profit…Continue

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Comment by Angela Nightjar 3 hours ago

Right on Jasmine. Last week I gave up my trash can. I went to the city offices and told them I recycle and compost so much I don't need my trash can, please come pick it up. I am now down to a small cat food bag of trash every couple of months. I haven't bought plastic trash bags for years. The two young women in the office were very happy. They said people don't realize what all that trash is costing them and were happy to meet someone who understood.

I bet Al Gore generates a lot of trash and I'm not being political. I'm going to make Earth Day a big holiday.


Nothing beats an English garden. Post pics anytime, so lovely.

Comment by Jasmine 19 hours ago

Demeter, you are right, we all have an impact on nature. But some is good. If you have a wood stove, it may not be the best on the air, but it is natural for Gaia to handle whiffs of wood smoke coming through the flew. However, how many talk about how damaging we are, but if it gets the slightest bit cold, they run to the thermostat to push up the heat. Al Gore's gas and electric bill averages over $1,000.00 a month. He rides in limos and jets around the Country. So, how much does he really care about his 'Global Warming' theory? 

Comment by Jasmine 20 hours ago

I have my raised garden built in my back yard (finally) so my herbs will be thriving in it soon.

Comment by Demeter yesterday

Tulips and wallflowers in my garden.  :)

Love that pic Adolpha. x

Amethyst.. how are you doing?  Hope you are well on the mend. x

I think mankind is bound to have an impact on the earth, even from just breathing when there are so many people now.  It's said that even the flutter of a butterfly's wing can alter events, so major things have big impacts.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Comment by Pat Miller on Thursday

Cutting down trees and trying to control wildlife has altered the environment and therefore the climate.  Science knows that and acid rain messes with plants, but no necessarily the climate.  IMO with the strange spring weather in the US there may be food problems here this year.  The farmers in NE Arkansas are worried about strawberry crops after the late freezes and it's snowing in the upper midwest..up to a foot.

Comment by Alchemistic Warlock on Thursday

Good morning! 

Love that pic...

Comment by Adolpha Gavina on Thursday

Good Morning Everyone :o) ... YAY!!! 

Desktop Nexus: Wallpapers > Abstract Wallpapers > Fantasy Wallpaper

Comment by Amethyst Samia on Thursday
I do think that we humans have had a major impact on the earth and weather patterns and such. We've contaminated the water and cut down rain forests and all sorts of stuff many of us will never even know of. These weather patterns may be "normal" but I sldo think we have helped to hasten them along. Just my opinion...

Neighbors cut the grass today...there's a normal sign of spring! Allergies are active and it's freezing here again tonight. Yep. It's all normal. Hahaha!
Comment by Alchemistic Warlock on Thursday

I agree, the major corporations have taken no responsibility for anything. They destroy at their liesure. Humans all over the world though destroy with impunity. We all have to change our ways...

Comment by Jasmine on Wednesday

Alchemistic Warlock: I don't believe in the 'Global warming' crap either. But, what worries me is that since greedy manufacturers have been able to go to other Countries where there are no labor laws nor an EPA, that they have done major damage.


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