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A Place to find the History, Uses, Side Effects, Habitat and Cultivation of Herbs. We often ask for help with Herbal Remedies, but do we know all we need to know to make ourselves healthy or sicker.

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Container gardening? Any suggestions?

Started by HedgeWitch. Last reply by Amethyst Samia 7 hours ago. 67 Replies

I am rejoicing because I am finally out of the city loft and in a place with a patio and access to the great outdoors! We have a rather large patio and I would like to do some container gardening. This is new to me as I've always had a large yard to…Continue

Deadly Fungus decimates Global banana crop...

Started by Adolpha Gavina. Last reply by Adolpha Gavina 22 hours ago. 8 Replies

Disease spreads from Asia to Africa and MAY already have jumped to crucial plantations in Latin America. Published on Apr 4, 2014Banana fungus spreads from Asia to Africa...Website: credit: Cahal Milmo, Chief…Continue

Tags: Africa, Asia, fungus, bananas

Searching for Seeds

Started by Angela Nightjar. Last reply by Amethyst Samia on Monday. 13 Replies

I'm going to put some resources here for finding seed suppliers and also for starting seeds to get plants going. For starters here is an outfit I like: are a non-profit…Continue

Antibiotic herbs

Started by Innanna. Last reply by Innanna Apr 15. 18 Replies

The information I present is from "Herbal Antibiotics" by Stephen Harrod Buhner.15 Top Antibiotic HerbsThis is not a complete list of herbs with antibiotic properties but the ones listed have been used for a long time in folk medicine, good results…Continue

Medicine - Herb/Food Interactions

Started by Tea. Last reply by Adolpha Gavina Apr 12. 19 Replies

I left this in a file, but made it more detailed, here is a version of one similar to the Table I typed out and placed in that file about Detoxifying Herbs and Foods. This is a little more simple and easier to read I hope. If you want the more…Continue

Tags: Medicine, Drugs, Foods, Interactions, Herb

Great Herbal Books I recommend

Started by Tea. Last reply by Angela Nightjar Apr 11. 5 Replies

Great Herbal Books I recommend. I will be updating this Thread Often, so please keep a look out for this. Also note that some of these Books are New and some are Collectible and can be pricey. But know that in most cases you can get very nice used…Continue

Tags: Books, Herbal

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Comment by Amethyst Samia 7 hours ago
And yes are very correct...I wanted some bottled hops! Still do. Might ease my shoulder stress & strain! Hahaha!

Thanks for all the resources on horseradish guys! Gonna pop over to amazon & to the richters site. Just one small piece is all I need! I know it can be invasive but that's ok.

Angela I'm interested in your growing ginger. Would love to grow ginger but I thought it was more of a tropical plant & liked the warmer weather. all time favorite flower. I can grow African violets so easily. I know they're tough for some but I can grow them. My grandmother could grow anything & she had tons of them. When she passed they were dividing up her stuff they asked what I wanted. All I wanted was a violet & my asshole grandfather said no. So what did I do? My aunt and I crawled in the window & swiped one! Hahaha! She had so many! Anyway I've been able to grow them ever since. I think Granny helps me with them!

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah. Angela is stalking me. Ha! Stalk right're welcome to stalk me. I learn a lot when people try to "bother" me! *cackles*
Comment by Amethyst Samia 8 hours ago
Shoulder is healing nicely...sort of. It's pretty angry with me right now from all the weed pulling & PT. so I'm trying to take it easy. Trying!
Comment by Amethyst Samia 8 hours ago
Hi all! I'm here! Yay! Have been so busy with PT & doc time for any fun stuff!

Jasmine you're right...this is an amazing group. Tea has built a wonderful place for us to hang and learn. There's so much info here! And seriously...everyone behaves & gets along so well. Says a lot for the character of those who belong. Thanks to all of you for being here! I'm very appreciative to each of you!
Comment by Amethyst Samia 8 hours ago
Welcome to the Garden of Healing Herbs Moonstone & ashley. Lots of information on discussions, pages & here on the comment wall. Please feel free to post any place that suits you! Make yourself at home.
Comment by Angela Nightjar 12 hours ago

Alchemist Warlock

I have a couple of cats that like to eat plants in spite of my providing valerian, catnip and cat grasses. One ate an asparagus fern down to the base, fortunately it grew back and wasn't toxic to the cat. Many plants are toxic to cats and dogs, I didn't know until Demeter posted that hops was toxic to dogs, for example.


You must have a wonderful place. I knew hops grew well in England, didn't Londoners go down to Kent every year for the harvest? Do they still do that? I didn't know it could take over, I've only grown hops in a planter.

Comment by Jasmine 15 hours ago

I love the picture, Demeter. Too bad it's not good for dogs or I'd grow some. Looks beautiful. And having to worry about it choking out other plants. I have to say to all how much I love looking at the lovely pictures everyone shares. I may be able to work with wood, wool, and metals (sometimes), but I stink at the computer. I wish I could do some of the things I see others do with it.

Comment by heather noye 21 hours ago

ohh!  That's lovely Demeter :)  That's how we are with wisteria.  It's gorgeous but if you don't keep an eye on it, it's just kudzu with a pretty flower lol

Comment by Adolpha Gavina 22 hours ago

 Great pic Demeter, thank you for sharing :o)  ... Hops do get carried away if given half a chance...beautiful plant though ... 

  Have a beautiful day Everyone :o) 

  May it be full of blessings and magickal happenings in the garden ... 

  Cosmos :o) 

Desktop Nexus: Wallpapers > Abstract Wallpapers > 3D and CG Wallpaper

Comment by Demeter yesterday

Hop canopy... before it went too mad.

Comment by Demeter yesterday

hi all

Be careful if you decide to grow hops.  I used to have a hop plant in a big pot and when it grew too big I planted it in the garden and thought it would make a nice shady canopy - which it did for one year, and then it went wild, and grew all over the place and it had prickly stems and leaves so when I cut it back it would irritate my skin, and then I discovered that hops are poisonous to dogs too.. I don't have a dog but it is something to consider.  I did make some hop pillows from the dried hops but don't grow them in the garden now.

I think Amethyst wanted some 'bottled hops' lol

Jasmine, it sounds like you are a real craftswoman, making greenhouses and altars as well wow

Lovely picture Adolpha.. loved the butterfly.

Have a great day everyone x


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