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Jewel Weed is an awesome wild plant that can be found near ponds and moist areas . It is a tubal plant and has a beautiful orange flower on the top . It gets the flower in my area around July . This plant prevents poison ivy , sumac , and more . itch away from certain bug bites . Helps with rashes also . I make soap out of this plant . This is what you do yo make jewel weed soap .


Collect Jewel Weed

Wash it

Chop up in fine pieces including leaves . no roots .

You need water

We are going to make infusion first

for every cup of plant . Is every cup of water .

Bring to boil then let simmer for 20 mins .

take coffee filter

mason jar

and filter infusion with coffee filter

next melt cup of glycian in double boiler

mix melted glycian and infusion together . One cup infusion with one cup glycian . Then put in mold and cool


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Wonderful, thank you for sharing :)

Sadly Jewel weed/Impatiens capensis is native to North America so I won't get the chance to try out this recipe myself.

I can always get you a bar of soap if not from this area .

That is such a kind offer, thank you. But as I tend not to get bitten very much and have very little contact with poison ivy, I'd rather the soap went to those who would need it more than I :)

Your Welcome , I have no problem making it . I just made a few for my friends . One being Tea .

Thank you  MS G. for the info. As my Daughter is Deathly Allergic to Poison Ivy and Oak so let us all lte a candle for those  that need medical help and can not get it!!!!!!



I will be sending you the jewel soon . If not the soap I made .

There is another solution, that you might want to use for your daughter. The sprouts  of jewel weed are good to eat and she can build up a natural barrier that way too. In a salad would be a way to get it to her.

I make soap too . As you can see . No problem .

I have not heard of this plant. Do you have a picture and description of it? What region does it grow in?


It grows here MA ,NH , VT , and FL and as far as other places not sure . I believe mostly areas that can be moist . They love water but can grow in some dry areas but if in dry area will grow that good . As far as a good picture of plant you would have to look on-line because the plants around here are still young . They do not have flowers right now .

The flowers come up around July . I know this by taking my nature walks from early spring until winter .

have you heard of Touch Me Nots


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