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Hello All!  First let me say that I am so excited to have found Pagan Space!  I am just looking around right now, trying to figure out all the different screens and hope I don't make any mistakes.

My question is this....My boyfriend has gout in his toe.   He is going through a very nasty flare up right now, very painful.  I know cherry juice or anything cherry  is good for gout, anything else that anyone knows of?


He is going to be 50 in just a little over a month, and is a musician and a fairly heavy drinker. Just mentioning that, in case there are some remedies that might not mix with alcohol. I do know, and have pointed out to him, that heavy alcohol use does contribute to gout symptoms.


Thank you for any assistance or advice you might have! 




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I have Gout too, Iddink blueberry in my green tea to help keep the swelling & pain in check. Ive been told Black cherry is good for it too

My husband hates cherry anything, so we used other herbs.  One is turmeric (careful, it stains yellow).  He also used celery seeds, drank lots of distilled water and also raw apple cider vinegar doses, and cut back on meat and alcohol (his thing is beer - he doesn't like bready sweets but those would need to also go).  Don't eat raw greens full of oxalic acid (i.e. spinach, and even lamb's quarters), cook them first to render it OK to eat.  Veggies are otherwise great!  Parsley and Dandelion can be very helpful.

Dont drink so no problem there, dont like tumeric, I do use dandyliin occasionaly.I figure I drink about half gal. of green tea aday so adding bluederries is the best way


Thank you all for your suggestions!  He is mainly a beer drinker, but abstained yesterday & drank a big jug of cherry juice, and ate some fresh cherries I bought.  He did say the pain & stiffness have gotten better.  I am going to try tumeric, and the blueberries as well! 

I have research this area and have since supplied successsfully to several gout sufferers.

Corn Silk. However it has to be cooked for it to work.

MB. William


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