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I suppose the best way to get the ball rolling is to ask why Gaulish Polytheism. What drew you to it?

For myself, I was a Gaulish Polytheist a few years ago. I had always been intrigued by ancient and modern Celtic cultures and their religions. I had started out with Brythonic Polytheism, and some elements of that remain in my practice. However, Gaulish cultire remained particularly evocative. Not only did it provide me with a sense of worship, through the Gods, but a sense of self in a culture that has to be revived. So, not only did it allow me to participate but with whatever I could learn, I could be a part of a revival that wasn't based in any meaningful way on ethnicity. Since Gaulish culture waned with Roman conquest, and didn't last beyond the conversion to Christianity of the Gaulish peoples.

Latin, French, German, and other languages ended up replacing Gaulish, and the culture died with it. I had left because I didn't feel like I was up to the task of not only participating in such a revival, but one that almost necessitates direct involvement. Though there are contributors in the fields of Gaulish language and religion, a revival must of course foster direct involvement from practically everyone within it. Since the "line" so to speak was severed roughly fifteen hundred years ago, most peopke probably have Gaulish ancestors, and there's no reason to exclude anyone with the drive and desire to participate regardless if they have said ancestry or not. Other than being immoral, it would be downright stupid. Also, fair to note that many other Polytheisms are just as welcoming. I just feel more "at home" with Gaulish Polytheism.

This spoke to me, a person who felt bereft of culture in modern day America. The Gaulish Gods made their presences felt, and when I was up to the task, I came back. I don't think it's a "calling", I'm not claiming to be "touched", but I feel as though this is my place, and in accepting that, I have found what I was searching for: an identity, a connection to the Gods and the world, and a sense of self and respect for the sacred. I couldn't ask for more.

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