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Hi! I lived in the ATL area for 20+ years. My family has moved back to my hometown in very S. GA.

I'd love to meet other Pagans who are in the area. :)

So, let your voice be heard!



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Hi, I live in South Georgia too! I know you posted this quite a while ago, but I just joined this group. I live near Albany. Where do you live? Please contact me, let's see what we can start.
I live in very South Georgia as well, Kestrel. I live in the Alma/Nicholls area. I've been looking for friends and teachers in the vicinity and around here, but no such luck as of yet.
I'm in Ware County / Waycross area. :) Good to know there are some Pagans in southern Georgia.
Waycross is very close to me. If you ever feel up to it, you can contact me and we can schedule a place to meet when we both feel comfortable. I know my MIL would LOVE to meet someone of similar mind. Its always nice to get to know Pagans in the area. It gets lonely when you're one of the only Pagans around.
That would be great! Yes, Alma isn't very far away at all. I'll make sure to send you a message. :D
Awesome! I look forward to it! Also, my birthday is coming up so it would be like a birthday present in a slightly strange way. I guess I'll consider it a gift from the gods. ^^
I like that! You never know how the Gods or Ancestors connect people. ;)
Exactly. I look forward to meeting you. ^^

I'm in Senoia!  Anyone else?


I live in Hoboken, GA not far from Waycross, 20 minutes I think!

Witchy Ones of South East Georgia FB page

I started this for those of us isolated in the outback of GA. Please feel free to mosey on over I will also be looking for some one to help with the admin side of the page!

I live close to Newnan!  Anyone?


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