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i have a ghost in my home it a woman and as been seen by me and yvonne and estelle we our luckly its friendly it would be nice to hear if u a ghost or spirits in your home kieth

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I have several mine.Most are effeminate with one rather sullen surly male.We're lucky,the women all love the kids.We have very little company because people tend to feel crowded out.
Spirits seem to be attracted to me so I have never lived in a house that did not have a ghostly presence. I've been involved with spirit activity in some form for over 30 years. We even have our own group in NW Houston. The group moved and we are reforming it so it's in the infancy (i.e. just getting restarted) phase.

There are places in the US I would *love* to visit mostly civil war battlefields. There is something about war with brother fighting brother that leaves me always in awe of a war that almost tore America apart....

The ghost I have now is a male who is 20ish and vacillates from confused to angry. However, hubby did report an older female presence that has poltergeist tendencies. Either way we are moving in December so whatever issues I can help them resolve between now & then I will.
As much as I would like for there to be a ghost in my home, there isn't.

i have lived in a haunted residence before, in this one place... crazy stuff was happening like all the time... = /
We have alot of activity in my home. Even people who don't know experience things. Very funny story...we had some sales guys come in. While they where here they kept jumping and turning around, of course nobody was there. When we asked if something was wrong they said they thought they saw someone behind them. We breifly explained. Then their boss came in and was standing in the entry way. He did the same thing multiple times, same explination of thinking someone was standing right behind him. It was funny because he was in an area nobody could have been behind him unless they came in the door. We also have kids friends that spend the night and see doors open and close, toes grabbed at night, etc.
There is a man at the end of my hallway that I can't seem to get rid of, not that I've tried real hard. I catch glimpses of him though it looks like a dark shadow and not a man. I just know it's male. Older guy about 50 something or maybe older.

The cats see it all the time and so does the older grandkid.

He doean't hurt anything so I leave him be. He doesn't creep me out or anything and may be a relative or a guardian here to guard the place.

I clean out my place from time to time and set up wards all over so that nothing negative or any bad influences can get in so he must be good. LOL

I got rid of a really irritating spook in the kitchen once by banishing it. LOL I don't like rude people and especially rude ghosts and the one in the kitchen was just rude.
how was the one in the kitchen rude if i may ask? what kind of things did it do?
It kept making noises like someone dropping something on the floor and then I'd catch it out the side of my eye while I was watching TV and it kept trying to make really ugly faces. I took my equipment in the kitchen when I would hear the noises, got nada on any of the meters and I didn't have a camcorder then or I would have set it up to maybe catch something.

anyway I just got really pissed about it trying to scare me so I told it to get out of MY house and it was banned from ever coming in again.

Haven't heard a thing since. LOL

Um, I also sage and re ward the house on a regular basis keeping it cleaned out. this is my house and they have no rights in my house. LOL
wow sounds like it was taunting you, the little monster :)
i currently do not have any ghosts in the home i am in now. there is one at my work though. i work in a drug rehab and it is next to a cemetery. i have heard that spirits or spiritual energy is attracted to people who are vulnerable, and recovering people are very vulnerable. and yes there have been people die here, bless them, from detoxing, off of alcohol usually. i often see one outside of the door of my office. it is one of those things where you see out of the corner of the eye but look up to see nothing. also when we lived in missouri our house was active. i love and miss that house very much. everything in there i believe was positive energy. when i was home alone i felt protected and i saw and experianced many things there, including and orange yellow aura that stayed by my bed when i was home alone with my kids. when my son was a new infant i say what appeared to be another baby floating above his bassanet and i scared me because i woke up to the sight. i tryed to hit it with a pillow to knock it away, but the pillow went through. the whole thing with the pillow scared my boyfriend and he turned on the light and the spirit dissappeared. the next time i saw it, when the light was turned on, it did not disappear, it just floated through the wall. also there was a door that would open on its own and a lot of other things.
Oh, my work is haunted too. the building was built around the 50s and people die in it once in awhile. Just a couple of years ago a lady came to work and before she even got her coat off she died of a massive heart attack.

The ghost were real bad on the second floor when our office was there. They'd come and mess with my hair or walk up behind me to get my attention I guess because I would always stop working to see who had walked by or something.

Since we moved to the third floor they either haven't found me yet or they just stay on the second floor because I rarely have any visitors. LOL
that is intersting, what is the nature of your work if i might ask?


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