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In Minoan Spirituality, a priestess would wear a long dress with an open top, baring her breastsThe Dress represents the Goddess when the Priestess draws the Goddess out of the ground, in a Pillar crypt, and into her body. After the ritual is finished the Dress is hung up on a special hanger, as the Dress itself becomes a sacred object retaining the essence of the Goddess. The open top baring her Breasts is also at the same time the focus of her religious beliefs, as a 'breast centred Goddess consciousness' the Sacred Breast, for her to commune with and pray to the Goddess, and also as a conduit to the Goddess allowing men to respect and pray to the Goddess in ritual, as well as forming a deep sensual connection with their partners.

For the love of Breasts

Shakti energy

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I used to wear a Minoan costume to Ancient Ways, and certainly felt like a goddess.


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