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Sorry to have been gone for so long.  We had computer issues for a few months. Tegwedd has a new computer now, and Stephen has a cell phone that goes on the Internet.  Tegwedd’s does too, (it’s the same model) but she would rather use her computer.  It’s funny to watch Stephen holding his lighted magnifying glass to his cell.

You can invoke Shekinah the Hebrew Goddess on Sephirah 3 Binah the Dark Mother, Understanding.  You can have Goddess energy on the Tree of Life; Binah, as has already been mentioned, Netzach, Victory, is ruled by Venus, Yesod, Foundation, is ruled by the Moon, and Malkuth, Kingdom is ruled by the Earth.  Kether, the Crown, should either have both genders or none at all.  Chokhmah is Wisdom, which should be feminine, but is seen as masculine.  One thing to think about in relation to the Tree of Life is your own personal tree-- your family tree.  Where you came from partially determines where you’re going.  Tegwedd learned about two or three weeks ago that her legal surname means “small farmstead” in old Norse.  So she comes from a long line of farmers on her father’s side of her family tree.  But she can’t even grow tomatoes, even though her maternal grandfather grew tomatoes and sweet cord in his yard in Ada, MN.  Stephen comes from Pennsylvania Deutsch, Cherokee, and Irish forebears.  Many of the Germans who had settled in Pennsylvania after the American Revolution had been Hessian mercenaries fighting on the side of the British.  They brought their spirituality, and yes, their magickal traditions with them.  Stephen was inspired to talk about family trees by watching “Haven” Friday night.  You could say that the Tree of Life is the family tree for the Gods, Goddesses, and races of humankind.  One example of this is the world ash wonder tree--Yggdrasil, which brings together the Nine Worlds, and all the races.  You could also say that the Tree of life an Yggdrasil are the ancestors of all our family trees.  

Basically, though, when you get right down to it, the Tree of Life is nothing more or less than a filing system for the sacred.  To make it more modern and up to date, Stephen likens it to a computer.  Uncle Al showed this in his “Liber 777”, in which he put a  lot of the religions of the world, both ancient and modern into slots according to where he thought they belonged on the Tree of Life.  But the work is not complete.  Tegwedd’s 3rd exhubby is working on establishing the places on the Tree of Life for the Meso-American pantheons.  Uncle Al did not intend that we, his spiritual nieces and nephews, should duplicate his work, but use it as a launching pad to do our own work in the areas he had neglected.  Stephen highly recommends Liber 777, which even goes into Yggdrasil and the deities thereon.  Stephen has a copy signed by Grady McMurtry.  It’s one of the few things that were his, that he bequeathed to Stephen, that weren’t ripped off.

We got the name for this group from a book by the late great Ellen Cannon Reed.  “The Goddess & the Tree--Qabalah for Pagans” really made Tegwedd enthusiastic about the Tree of Life and Qabalah.  Before she got this book and read it cover to cover, it was just something she studied in order to advance in the OTO.  Ms reed was the one who described the Tree of Life as a filing system.  
By the way, this may seem to be somewhat off-topic, but given that this group is also about the Goddess, it may be on topic after all.  The term “bloody” that Brits like to throw around is actually a contraction of the phrase “by our Lady.”  If that doesn’t pertain to the Goddess, what does?

Stephen first encountered the Tree of Life when he was just 10 years old.  “Ten years old, ten Sephiroth, you do the math,” he says. “My first impressions of the Tree of Life,” he continues, “was ‘Wow!  This is cool!’  My grandmother introduced me to it.  I learned early on the significance of the Qabalah to the Tarot.  Grandma said I was a natural, which Isaac would repeat 10 years later.”  Stephen has an announcement to make.  If his computer is ready on Saturday night, August 13th, or it not, whenever it is ready, and he get’s it back, he’s going to put his role playing game “The Tarot and the Tree” on digital media.  It’s also going to be in our book the “Ultimate Guide to the Tarot.”  We’re going to Gallery 14 to see another art show She’s a goth, so she’s more along the lines of what we like than the last show was.  We’ll review it in the next discussion we do.

The 75,000 Verizon workers are on strike, and we stand with them.  Solidarnosc! as the Poles would say.  Verizon management, all Republicans, have made 100 unreasonable demands, and refuse to negotiate, but are paying scabs to cross the picket lines, and work for them.  All the workers want, is to keep what they have, a small cost of living increase in wages,  their health care, and their pensions.  Management wants them to pay $100 per month for health care, while they get it free.  If you were thinking of getting a Verizon phone and account, and do tell them why you aren’t, that you are boycotting them.  If you have a Verizon account, close it, and go to another carrier, and tell Verizon why.  Tegwedd used to be in favor of management like her father, who was a staunch Republican until he died, until she tried to live on the wages she got as a temp office worker.  The she got in with Doc, who was a member of the SEIU Health Workers union.  Stephen was a strong union man since  he was 20.  He’s a member of the IWW (International Workers of the World) aka the Wobblies.  Janvier was a little Wobbly when she first started walking.  If you want to piss off Stephen, abuse or oppress the workers.  A very wise person once told Tegwedd years ago that you know you’ve successfully negotiated when nobody leaves the table happy.  Tell Verizon that you refuse to do business with an employer who oppresses its workers.         

Soon we may be selling pendants of the lady and the tiger worked in silver.  If you reading this are a silversmith please call our toll free number 1-888-611-7982, and we’ll do business.  Tegwedd has started to crochet cellphone holsters of her own design.  They are of acrylic yarn, in assorted colors.  She is obsessed right now with making holsters for the Pagan Pride Harvest Festival, but she will make you one to order for a reasonable price.  She has some right now in assorted colors for just $9.95+S&H.  She is working with yarn she has on hand, so a custom one will cost more because she has to obtain the yarn to make yours.  It will cost $14.95 + S&H  The smallest container for US priority mail is $4.95.

We are offering a new service.  For just $19.95, you can have spell-coaching.  We will take you through the construction and performance of a spell.  It’s very simple.  If you want to perform a spell but you don’t think you know what you’re doing, hire us to coach you through it.  The fee is payable to our PayPal accounts, to either or .
We will coach you using strong ethics.  Tegwedd has a couplet she will teach you which you can add to your spell that will ensure that it is ethical.  Abbott’s Inn International School of Magick is over 40 years old, having been founded in 1970 in Berkeley, CA.  It went cybernetic almost 9 years ago.  Lizet has been helping us put the school on a more commercial footing, and with her inspiration, Tegwedd has started packaging the classes into manageable packets.  Ms. Freeman did a 3rd website for us almost a month ago at  From there, by clicking on two of the graphics, you can go to either of the other two sites: and .  You can also get to our network .  With her help, we also salvaged some things from his old website, including the mission statement:  The Abbott’s Inn International School of Magick aims to provide a gentle nurturing environment that promotes education in both the atmosphere and the specific tools of magick.  Our research arm is called the Magickal Research Institute or MRI, not to be confused with the medical MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Image, which Tegwedd had on her right ankle about 9 months ago.  Stephen and Lizet came up with the name almost 9 years ago.  The three of us have become a very effective working team.   Stephen has his cell phone, and we are both enjoying learning how to use our cell phones.  His cell phone number is 916-467-6393.  He’ll have access to the Internet on that phone.  He says “I’m not very good at texting because of my glaucoma, so please be gentle with me.”   Don’t forget to call 888-611-7982 for all your divination, learning class, and research needs.  

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