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Abnormal is the new Normal.

Isn't that what we have dreamed of?

For decades those who chose to be themselves and have creative ways of expressing themselves were categorized into what sociology professionals call subcultures. Those who dared to love what was taboo were considered separate to society.

This movement of rebellion has grown on society as a whole and continues to challenge people to embrace who they really are. The first solution the socialists have attempted is to create more subculture categories and labels. The members of these groups have tried to hold onto what defines their particular label. 

But the truth is everyone is defining their own uniqueness. They can easily relate to many groups as they are taking a little of everything they love and creating their own image. Categorizing is becoming obsolete. 

As more people embrace their own uniqueness and create their own image, the norm will become individualism instead of groups.

The fact that our generation has held onto who we truly are and continue to embrace all of life, has inspired new generations to accept and love true individuality. People now are allowing themselves to embrace any gender, sexuality, style, talent, creativity, cultural aspects, and so on. 

I am glad to have lived to see the rebellion have some wins. 

Share how proud you are of how the evolution of individualism has blossomed.

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There are no Africans or Asians? What about them? They are not there own culture

You’re kidding right? Common she obviously meant everyone. Otherwise this picture would be out of control 

Well I did mean to accentuate everyone, but I will look for more pics. You can share one too you know, Ha. Happy New Year. Kristi V

I am proud of many things in society that have changed, but personally I still feel on the outskirts of main stream evolution. It is hard for me to find a group of people that accept me with all my strange laughs and voices. My ideas don’t seem to be appreciated or even recognized as having validity by most folks I meet. I find myself being forced or coerced into behavior and attitudes foreign to my true nature. All my life I’ve felt strangely alienated from people around me. Whether it is family, so-called friends, or social groups, they would all prefer for me to keep my opinion and thoughts to myself.

Life has been a roller coaster ride through Heaven and Hell. Presently things are at rest but the future holds further turmoil. My manner of punching out my tickets for the roller coaster has brought me to a point where my tickets are running out. Even the kiddy rides that require fewer tickets is having an unexpected toll on my existence. But I have hope and faith that my ride around the merry-go-round we call life will give me some new opportunities in the future.

I have found that I contribute a little something different to each group of people I encounter. I also take something unique from each. I do not feel I have to follow all of the so called mandates of each group to be apart of them. I can share with the parts I love. I am an individual who doesn't belong to any group. 

I also believe from some hard experiences that I can attract the kind of people in my life that I want. Ones that are aligned with my frequency, emotions and thoughts at the time. I also know now that I don't have to be heard to be understood. 

Just some of my hard knocks. If you are confident and love your self, others either are attracted to you or they will migrate away. 

And maybe choose a ride that only goes forward. A circle takes you back to where you began. Just a thought. 

Many Blessings and have fun.

Always out of step, and always in the wrong time. I keep thinking I’m behind and then everybody catches up. Maybe I’m just running on my on path, and people just keep intersecting it, because when I look back they’re not there. Like T. H. White’s Merlin, I was born old and serious, but I am growing progressively younger, at least on the inside. As a preschooler I realized that while they could keep my body locked in a classroom, they couldn’t keep a lock on my mind, and to this day it keeps slipping stealthily into the shadowy recesses of the unknown, because that’s where you find all the good stuff. I overcame fear of the dark by stepping into it. Being Bi, I find all humanity infinitely attractive, but somehow, I’m always at cross purposes with society at large. Sometimes I think I could be happy in a narrow hermit’s cell on the craggy northern coast of Scotland far away from the press of humanity with just my pen and vellum, but then the withdrawal from contact with the Incubi and Succubae that is the human species would be terrible. So, instead, I work from home, wear my sunglasses rain or shine, listen to dirges and cover my head with a cowl just to creep around the edges of the Internet.

You are so eloquent with your writing. I love the feeling I get when reading your words. I too love all of humanity and all of the experiences from this physical endeavor my soul is taking. And I also fantasize of the cottage on a hill with large trees and gardens in one direction and the ocean in the other direction. I could write and paint forever. But the true deep existence is among our brethren. 

I think we should be aware of a "return to the centre" I find it fascinating that as we evolve into our own individuality, we at the same time move culturally and in many other ways closer to the "core state" of the ancient Witchcraft mysteries! 


individuality is precisely what is needed. i am pleasantly surprised to see another person who is aware of the socialist influence with genres in culture, very nice. :) divide and radicalize indeed. society is still far too much like a giant compartmentalized cult for my tastes.

I like the attitude Kristi you’re awesome. 

It’s a beautiful thing to see others expressing their own individualism. Now days we see it more and more and my hopefully is that with time people can expressed themselves in a more open and honestly way not having to worry about walking in egg shells.  I guess for something like that to happen we need to be more loving towards others helping us accept and appreciate our differences. 

While reading some of the comments I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad because I’m familiar with the feeling of self alienation it’s not fun. As different as we may be we are social creatures and need to have contact. So here is an open invitation. Let’s be friends ;p 


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