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You know I have noticed I still love my dark and creepy, but I am also including more refined items in the decor. I love crystal. I am shopping for a dark chandelier, and some creepy crystal dining sets and silver utensils. I love the deep dark flowers in my flower beds and a costumed carved four post bed. 

I dress more in satin, silks and leathers now. I still love my crazy shoes, and cannot refuse crazy hair colors now and then. 

So if you would, share how your Goth tastes have evolved over the years. 

Love Kristi V

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I don't wear boots anymore. To hard for me to put on now. I kept a few pairs in hopes it would get better. Then eventually gave them away to my oldest daughter! I wear pretty the same styles though. I was more old skool and casual anyhow!

Hey some things never go out of style! Love Kristi V

I have always loved the Victorian style but I no longer wear black alone. I like to team it with one other colour. I now also include men's style clothes in my wardrobe. Things like frock coats, waistcoats, cravats etc. I think that is because such clothes are warmer to wear in the colder months and they still look elegant. 


I still favour black velvets and laces as a clothing choice.  I'm 59.    My home looks like Samhain 24/7 all year round.  My garden has black cauldrons of tulip bulbs all round it.  It's clear to all who know me I am a Goth witch crone, I am proud of what and who I am.

It sounds beautiful. 


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